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* Completed Webcomics before anyone else with many being supporter only. 

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* Completed Webcomics before anyone else with many being supporter only. 

* Process posts as I go through and write the next Scrambled Circuits paperback here with you.

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About Cameron Callahan

Cameron Callahan has been making comics since 2009 when he started drawing the slice-of-life comic SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS, which he successfully Kickstarted into a paperback collection in 2016. He likes to tell stories with a focus on analyzing the unique, real life connections people can make with each other - whether strangers, family, friends, customers, or coworkers. Comics are his favorite means of storytelling but he also has a fascination with modern and old time audio plays which has become another creative outlet he has been exploring recently.


Becoming a Patron means making a monthly contribution towards the creation of independent comics and prose publications. The main publication this goes towards is my new fiction anthology magazine, BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS.

The first print issue is completed and has shipped. The current target is to release an annual print issue of loosely themed prose and comics stories. I have stories and some artwork already for issue 2.

In between these annual print issues I want to release periodic stories, separate from the print issues, featuring prose and comics (and occasionally audio) of stories of many different genres. 

Each month at least one new story will go up on the website free to read. About a month before that, supporters here can read the story as well as get the chance to grab some merchandise related to the story at a good discount (That is only available for the month of the story).

I'm paying every contributor - prose authors, prose illustrators, comic writers and artists - out of my own pocket to give these stories I love a home - and I want to invite everyone to come in and read them. 

By supporting here you are letting me release stories and pay people for their prose and artwork a bit faster than I can just by myself, you are allowing me access to more resources to expand my reach and find more writers and artists to pair up and create stories to share with the world. Teases of upcoming stories, early progress snapshots, and other related behind the scenes things will go up periodically and will mostly stay locked for supporters only.

By pledging at one of the two BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS levels, you can get the stories before anyone else. There are ten spots at the lower "Early Founder" $7/mo tier, once those are filled up they will never open up again. The standard Built From Human Parts tier is $10/mo.

For every Supporter at either of the BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS tiers, I will send them either a copy of the first Built From Human Parts bookmy 100 page Scrambled Circuits comic paperback, or one of the limited edition or standard Built From Human Parts T-Shirts


VOLUME I: PURPOSE & CONSEQUENCE was released in August 2018.

What I'm Making: Scrambled Circuits

Since 2009 I have written and (mostly) drawn the autobiographical comic series SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS. I will be going into a focused, trance like state and writing the next book and sharing it as I go here with you. From nebulous idea brainstorming, character designs, story premises and outlines, scripts, thumbnails, final artwork, etc. I've got the basic foundation down for the next two books and I will finally have the time to work through them.

In addition to creating the next Scrambled Circuits collection, written by me and drawn by me and probably others, I will slowly serialize the annotated collection of the past Scrambled Circuits here as well. These are the stories found in my 2016 paperback.


Supporters at the $2/mo tier will get any webcomics, Scrambled Circuits or otherwise, at least a week before they become unlocked and free to read (with many comics not having any idea when or if they will become unlocked at all).

Supporters at the $5/mo tier also get all of the process posts - design documents, outlines, early art, scripts, thumbnails, finished art, everything. This will largely remain locked to supporters only.

Supporters at either Built From Human Parts tier get access to every post as soon as it is released - webcomics, creation posts, and Built From Human Parts related posts.

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