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Maila's Pit Pals are those just looking to join and see what I'm up to here and the funds will all go towards my dog, Maila in one form or another. Benefits are: 

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Alright, all you Rock N Rollers! This is where we get to have a little more fun, and the perks are beginning to show. Looking forward to planning some future gifts and video ideas for this tier and up!
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The name says it all! Incredibly limited number of monthly subscribers for this tier, as I want it to be as personal and intimate as possible. I am offering a guitar for those who stick around for at least 6 months, plus lessons to follow. Come along for the best VIP I have to offer! Benefits include: 

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Go All in! I am keeping this tier Incredibly limited to only THREE members per month, from Now until January 1st, (with the exception of annual subscribers.) This tier gets you everything you would receive in the ROCK ROYALTY tier, Plus:

  • Your own unique piece of music every month! Thats right, I will write and record you one song for each month that you're a member here, (vocals may or may not be included, depending on style, etc) - unique and exclusive Just for YOU. You can pick a genre or style, an influence or just let me have fun with it.
  • You will also receive a plaque/award for your patronage after your 3rd month here.
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  • I will also be documenting the writing and recording process as well, which will only be available to you and no one else.
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About Ace Von Johnson

Hey gang! Here we are, on my Patreon page. This is a new venture for me, one that I’m really excited about because I like the idea of a somewhat secret “fan club” that only a select few are able to be a part of. More than just a fan club, a way to interact exclusively on a few different levels. Having been a full time musician for most of my adult life, I have always enjoyed the challenge of how to simply gain as much from this profession for not only myself but also for anyone who is genuinely interested in following me on my journey. Which is why anyone who’s kept up with my Twitter or Instagram pages will know that I’m always sharing things beyond just the act of being onstage. There is so much more going on that no one but you will get the chance to see! That being said, as the music industry changes, it has also become more and more difficult to sustain as a full time artist - which is why I am hoping to utilize this platform to not only be able to help continue to exist as an artist, but more importantly, to grow and cater to you, those who have an interest in following what I do. It is vital that musicians, fans and friends can all support each other, and I hope to be able to use this outlet to do just that!

Besides being known mostly for playing guitar in both Faster Pussycat & L.A. Guns, as well as a handful of other rock and punk bands over the years, here are a few of other things I am passionate about: I am an advocate for dog rescue, and more specifically, pit-bulls. I am an avid collector of vinyl and vintage horror movie posters (one sheets), and additionally a life long horror movie fan, as well as anything to do with 80’s & 90’s pop culture. Basically, I’m a nerd; so beyond the realm of music, don’t be surprised if some of these hobbies mentioned above happen to bleed into my posts & videos - consider yourselves warned!

So come along with me and my travels as I tour across the world. Have a first hand peak into my life in the music industry, as I offer insight, answer questions, share my music, passions and life in Hollywood as well as all of my madcap adventures on & off the road. I promise you will not be disappointed.

See ya out there somewhere & thank you for the support…


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My next goal is to hit 40 Patreon subscribers, on any level. Just wanting to branch out a little further, and cast a slightly wider net here. Help me reach my goal by sharing your experiences and thoughts with your own social media post. Also, If I can hit my next goal, I will increase my monthly donation amount from 10 to 15%! 
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