Acey Jee

is creating electronic pop music from Berlin
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About Acey Jee

Hey, thank you so much for stepping by. Creating music is more than just composing a song and singing it. 
So far I have been doing almost everything myself.
I compose music on my laptop, I write and record all vocals, I take my own pictures and edit them, I create the flyers, I designed the homepage, bought the technical devices and accesses to have all this (including email account, homepage domain, laptop, interface, cables, camera, photoshop license, logic pro x program, microphone, outfit, make up...). I take care of social media content, parts of the  booking.
It is expensive, eats up a lot of time, energy and nerve, BUT: I wouldn´t want it any other way! Well, some of the work I would like and have to give away, mixing and mastering for instance. But I love what I am doing and will follow my vision.
Next steps will be:
- music video
- live video from our support gig for KOSHEEN in August 2019
- live gigs (includes travel costs for my musicians and me)
- releasing my EP "misfit" (the mixing/mastering is going on right now)

If you want to support me, a female, self-made artist without a huge team or record company working for me, on my journey - you´d be my star!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post