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Support me an my work! I won't commit to anything monthly. I've been investing a LOT of time since the last years, so this is more of a thanks for features delivered than a promise for future development. But I'll try very hard to keep creating value moving forward! Plugins will always be released for free, and while I gladly accept ideas, I won't make custom work.
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This is for creators who have their own patreon or sell products built using my plugins. You feel guilty not giving back? Well, here you go! The main benefit of this is to show that my plugins are used by serious creators, and that will have an effect on the directions they take moving forward. This is not mandatory however, so if you're tight, that's fine!
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I'm creating Virt-A-Mate plugins, animations and scenes. More specifically I make Timeline, a keyframe animation plugin that hopes to replace Source FilmMaker! I want to see the community grow, and help creators generate higher quality content with less time and effort. I have been spending a crazy amount of time building Timeline and other plugins, and I want to see what you can do with them!

You can find all my plugins and other creations for free on Virt-A-Mate Hub.

You can also check out the source code of my plugins on GitHub. They are open source, and contributions are welcome!

Here's the list of my most well-known plugins:

- Timeline lets you create keyframed animations with curves, it's pretty advanced and can be compared to a mini source filmmaker.
- Improved PoV makes head tracking work, instead of feeling like your head is strapped in front of the model's. It also prevents eyes from being seen when you move your head fast.
- Passenger moves you around in VR, a little bit like if you're possessed. This can cause dizziness for people not used to VR, but it can be very cool if you're used to it!
- Collider Editor lets you edit and disable collisions so you can get a better fit, especially with morphs
- Snug lets you match your VR body with your real body. Check out the sample videos, it'll make it clearer.
- There's more, check them out on Virt-A-Mate Hub

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