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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
- Vincent Van Gogh

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About us:

We are a small company located in Germany, founded by two people. We both quit our jobs and are currently living off the money we saved but our savings are declining and will be gone sooner or later. Quitting the job was necessary because we wanted to dedicate all of our time in making a game with Unity. The game will be a Space Economy Simulation with a lot of management and base building aspects such as creating more space for your citizens or improving resource gathering.

About the game:

R.U.M.P, our first video game, is currently under development. Inspired by video games like Civilization, Cities: Skylines, Stellaris, Rim World or Majesty and a little bit by Steampunk, R.U.M.P. will primarily be a Single-Player Space Economy Simulation. The setting takes place in a Space Station in the solar system in the near future. The technical aspects of the of the game world, for instance a spacecraft’s movement or the features of Station Parts, are guided by the laws of real-world physics. Visually R.U.M.P. is influenced by the Steampunk genre.
You take the role of the space station director. Your tasks are varying and incredibly thrilling: Construct your Space Station with Station Parts and upgrade them to complex production facilities or cosy living quarters. Manage your crew and plan resource mining, which is needed for the everyday life on your Space Station. Take care of maintenance and the prosperity of your residents!
We will release an Early-Access-Version to further finance development.

About the game's planned Early Access Features:

- Raise your Space Station with connecting Station Parts
- Build special Station Parts or customize them with Modules: create Living Quarters, Factories
or Resource Storages
- Bring your Station Parts and Modules to life by managing the resource flow between Station
Parts and looking after supply and demand
- Upgrade your Station at resource flow bottlenecks with external transport systems
- Hire staff, like mechanics, scientists or pilots, that work and live on your Station. But
remember: They too need resources
- Build larger Station Parts, if you should run out of space
- Be creative playing the single player sandbox mode

About the game's planned Release Features:

- Game mode: single player campaign
- NPCs have a greater influence: for instance, they can modify the efficiency of factories
- Buy and sell resources at the market or increase your finances by taking research contracts
- Keep cool: manage heat flow and emission
- Station Parts: mega structures
- Guard your Space Station and its inhabitants by preparing for catastrophes
- Assistance-System: Get reports and delegate tasks

Reasons for us to develop this game:

We always liked strategy simulations like Civilization,Stellaris, Cities Skylines or SimCity.
It was a long cherished dream of us to create our own Game.
And to be honest we haven't found a game like the one we want make.

Just a small remark we are currently focusing on creating a good gameplay experience before taking on the visual aspects!


Q: When will the game be released?

We hope to release it as early acces Q3 2019

Q: What are you using to make the game?
Unity, VS
Blender, Substance painter
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Reason, Logic Audio
$1.56 of $1,000 per month
Our company is safe and sound (rent, software etc.).
We can eat a "Fischbrötchen" once a week!
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