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About Marius Myburg

In A City of Crime you play as the mastermind criminal who is responsible for the well-being of your people. You have recently broken 20 people out of jail, and now your goal is to settle them into their own city – City of Crime, of course. These people all start out as criminals with criminal records.

Being the Crime Boss, you do start out with some money. You need to now decide how to use this money to build your City. The game map consists of open area in which is located a police station and a residential area. You can place your criminal base anywhere on the map you want. But the whole map is patrolled by police, and police density will tend to be more closer to the station.
After picking a spot on the map for your city, your objective becomes ‘rehabilitating’ your citizens, meaning, breaking into the police station, stealing criminal records, and carrying them back to your base undetected and destroying them. If the criminal record for a character is destroyed, that character becomes a ‘normal citizen’, losing the Zebra stripes, and he can then go to live in the ‘residential area’. However, the police have full vision, and if you are not very careful, you might be seen by a patrolling cop. If your criminal is seen while he is not carrying criminal records, he ‘goes to jail’, meaning he is gone forever from the game and you lose a point. If he is seen while carrying a criminal record, both him AND the criminal whose record he is carrying goes to jail, losing you two criminals and two points.

Those are only the starting game dynamics, I am working on more, making A City of Crime a true tactical game masterpiece.

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