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About cloud out loud

Hi friends and fam,

Thanks for visiting. Patreon is a platform for artists of many kinds to share our work and receive support for furthering our call and dreams to bring our art into the world in financially sustainable ways.

While I am in my own timeless process of creating and sharing music, I am asking for whatever monthly contributions you can make so that I can more easily afford basic life staples such as rent, access to healthcare (I could reaaaallly use a therapist), and food. 

When I am not working to pay for those things, I am pouring myself into what I believe I came here to do, what I was put on this earth to do. Not just to make music, but to share a living message, to build human connection, and to dismantle the oppressive structures of this country that hinder each of us from knowing what it truly means to be free. I am following in the footsteps of many others who came before me to do this work. And there will be many others in generations to come that will continue to carry forth this fire. 

My work and my music is currently focused around the Church (capital "C" to emphasize the essence of empire). A few months ago I began working as a music minister at a small Lutheran church called Jehu's Table, where we are committed to creating radical, inclusive community, and dismantling the greatest sin of white supremacy, which has been poisoning the holy water wells of the U.S. ever since my fellow euro-ancestors came here hundreds of years ago.

I have been learning how to play many hymns and "Jesus songs" there, but my own original songs also reflect on the mysteries and questions surrounding faith and violence, hope and despair, identity and family. Either way I love a good lament.

I hope to continue making music with others within and outside of the context of the church. When we sing together, we create space to access our power together. We can experience sweet moments of peace. We can move through our grievances and celebrate our joys. It may not reverse climate change but at least we can taste a slice of heaven together. 

When I think about what "heaven" is, I think of queerness. I dream to see queerness in it's full nature with you all. The queerness vibrating within each of us and throughout the earth. Whether or not we identify with the LGBTQ+ community, I believe that queerness has something to reveal to each of us if we are open to it. Queerness is not just about sexual or gender identity. It is a way of seeing and navigating the world. It is political. It is radical. It is a complete deconstruction of the normative narratives of society that we may not realize we are living into. It is liberation. 

I hope you will consider supporting this glimpse of a vision with me. Your contribution is a seed planted in a fertile garden yearning to bring forth the transformative fruit of justice and truth. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

peace -cloud

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