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About alecia deon

why patreon?

patreon is a subscription service that allows you to pay your favorite content creators, artists & entrepreneurs. I chose patreon for the low fees, ease of use & overall simplicity for myself & patrons. due to the nature of this platform, I have more freedom to share my progress.

I offer so many unique rewards to my patrons! plus, you are able to cancel or upgrade your membership at any time.

patreon rewards 

my undying gratitude as a queer, disabled person your support facilitates my wellness, healing artistry, projects & special series

patron-only only access shoutout via socials, monthly polls, behind-the-scenes via patreon lens on the app, private messaging for questions & support, special rewards & surprises, exclusive invitation to monthly & quarterly coaching programs

exclusive access to digital content on developing & maintaining a spiritually aligned wellness practice based on ancestral perspectives particularly for Black women, QTPOC, QWOC, BIPOC & Spoonies
  • the aconjurewomanwoman podcast

sporadic content on special series
for understanding ethno-science & how to implement ancestral healing methodologies to ultimately find freedom within the confines of this shared constructed reality
  • on self-mastery: the conjurer as ancestral healing archetype e-book
  • on self-mastery: shadow work journal therapy e-book
  • self-mastery workbook with printables
  • upcoming content on the dreamscape series
priority signup for exclusive & private live events one-on-one & community building events on various topics related to wellness, race, gender, sexuality, ability & ancestral practices
  • discussions
  • presentations
  • life coaching sessions
  • art therapy & vision board sessions
  • eligible for special events where I’ll be offering some of my favorite healing products including: books, jewelry, supplements, crystals & healing kits specialized for use during rituals

patreon goals

with your patronage, I get the support I need to create more free content while  managing my physical health. I have a chronic illness which causes a lot of pain, requires a significant amount of down time. I expend a lot of energy sharing my work, so I am beyond grateful for all my patrons because you all help me to replenish myself physically, mentally & spiritually. regular employment has never truly been an option for me, but with patreon I feel more confident in my ability to cover the expenses that come with my health. I am unable to keep up with the demands of constantly making free content, marketing & using the classic means by which small business owners grow their audiences, get more clients & supporters via social media. patreon is cushion & safety net for me in many ways. as the number of patrons I have grows, I hope to be able to cover other living expenses. in addition, I’d like to hire editors & bloggers to help with content creation. even though I have a website, patreon is vital to the growth of my business and it simultaneously enables me to prioritize my health & self-care as it expands making it an invaluable resource for my personal wellness & spiritual journey. I am eternally grateful for the support of each & every patron. 

patron-only content

I focus on spiritual hygiene, protection, emotional & physical wellness. supplements are a vital part of maintaining the mind-body-spirit connection, so I will place heavy focus on the research that I have done on various herbs & supplements.

digital downloads 

with the podcasts, e-books & workbooks my goal is to make it easier to develop a healing practices, while addressing deep-seated traumas through consistent management of mental & emotional health.
topics range from discussions on spirituality, race, gender, sexuality, contemporary social issues, healings, planetary transits, divination & much more.
if you enjoy my tweets, the podcast is an extension which allows me to share & teach even more.

journal exercises 

self-mastery for me has meant a continuous & thorough interrogation of myself. for each workbook, I create a series of journal exercises to push you past the surface into your subconscious. the deeply held beliefs therein keep you stuck repeating old patterns & cycles. I believe it’s good to have something tangible when working on emotional healing, spiritual growth & self-development, so each workbook is available as a digital download. at the end of each year you will have a collection of reflective writing that documents your growth. this can also help you with future planning & goal setting.

27% complete
my primary goals for this level is having enough resources to help manage my chronic illness. 

when I reach my first goal, I will add two additional conjure collective healing circles.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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