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THANK YOU for valuing our work & lives so uniquely -- for seeing & feeling our engagement with the needs of the world. Add to any rewards listed above a free CSK subscription item (or recipe) three times per year. 
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THANK YOU for seeing the world -- and our movement through it, through magical lenses -- for changing the world through conscious observation.  Add to any rewards listed above, a free Life Design consultation session once per year. 




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Greetings! <3 Thank you for interest in our world.
Together, we engage in the practice of world-change through cultural shift. Our combined life-work ecosystems are complex, and deeply woven into extended faemily communities across the region & the world, though particularly in & amongst (West) Philadelphia, Radical Faeries, witches (of so many stripes), and an evolving, ecologically-driven, regenerative design & agroecology movement. We devote ourselves full-time to cultivating community resilience & developing regenerative food systems that serve people & planet! Containers that we’ve created to hold & grow our work include: the Cultural Engine, the Community Supported Kitchen, K is for Kitchen, the Faemily Table, and the Faerie Realm. You may learn more about these projects below, all of which are presently based out of West Philadelphia. <3

Why do we need your help?

We need your help in order to grow a network of sanctuaries & Home-places that are connected to one another in spirit & exchange. Together, we engage in the practice of community provision & cultural healing. This is important work with already far-reaching effects. To grow it as powerfully as it needs to be grown in this world, and within a relevant timeline, we need financial capital. We recognize & indeed utilize, the many other non-financial realms of capital - and already actively practice ‘living in the gift’, by sharing in these often-more-immediately-transferable gifts for the benefit of all.

We freely share the material capital that is food & medicine, the living capital that are plants & seeds, the experiential capital that is vocational training in realms of expertise, the emotional capital that is listening compassionately to whomever might be sharing our table -- and on & on. However, the queer, magical and folks-of-color communities that we serve most, are systematically marginalized economically & politically due to overarching systems of classism, white supremacy, ableism, homophobia, & transphobia. Many of our beloveds cannot afford to offer us the financial capital needed to do this work, let alone that which is needed to claim the work itself as their own dedicated life path.

While we are steadily growing a modest income through our projects, we need your support to fill out our construction/renovation/development budget as we grow our own financial footing, and develop the capacity to share paths to financial-wealth-creation with our communities.

On this journey, we were recently gifted the paid-ransom on a new community housein West Philadelphia -- or more rightly, in the language of its indigenous human stewards, Lenapehoking -- by Frances Rose’s mother, Ava. This new home for five radicals requires significant investment to live up to its full potential as the hub of regenerative industry it is destined to become.

Our plan includes the renovation of the kitchen so that it may accommodate our Community Supported Kitchen’s food-to-the-people work, as well as the just-birthed worker-owned-cooperative(!) K is for Kitchen (you can support our kitchen renovation directly here). Meanwhile, we need to purchase & assemble a wood shed to house fuel for our wood-stove (as we journey away from reliance on fossil fuels) and to build-in-place furniture that is beautifully suited to the needs of a hub of regenerative culture & community.

Your pledges support our lives of service, as well as the lives of the community members & local businesses whose products & services we in turn support. Mutually beneficial relationships serve as the framework of our lives.

In but a small sampling, your pledges enable us to:
  • Both attend & feed community meetings;
  • Invest in community infrastructure & neighbors doing righteous work;
  • Spend hours processing bruised produce, that would otherwise rot or be landfilled, into delicious food for diverse faemily;
  • Wildcraft acorns & other provisions into community food;
  • Invest in communities of demonstrated practice while investing in our own;
  • And so much more!

Please consider becoming a patron, even if it’s just one dollar a month! THANK YOU!

Our Work Ecosystem - All the Details

The Cultural Engine

This West Philly Cultural Engine is a vocational training program. We offer & host training in gardens, kitchens, permaculture, and regeneration, in which all are invited to share their gifts for the benefit of all.

The yields of this particular Engine include:
  • a Community Supported Kitchen (the CSK);
  • a growing number of abundant gardens in the area;
  • deeper community ties;
  • educational programs;
  • conflict transformation circles;
  • ‘Life Design’ services; & more.

More on the Community Supported Kitchen (CSK)

At the CSK, we plant the seeds of a more resilient world by sharing skills & knowledge required to prepare amazing food anywhere, while investing in local community & a regenerative food system* that nourishes deeply any place we call Home.

We host regular faemily cook days (themes have included Eritrean, Caribbean, Italian, Japanese, Pizza, & more), open to anyone; offer a subscription menu of prepared foods & pantry staples that are designed to add depth, zest, and serious nourishment to your day-to-day food world; offer free food to queer & trans folks of color; and more.

K is for Kitchen & the Faemily Table

K is for Kitchen is a worker-owned regenerative food business that grew out of the CSK. We connect you with a passion for Life through delicious, ethically-sourced food experiences. Our offerings include personal chef-ing, catering, educational dinner parties, cooking instruction, holistic nutrition consultation, speaking engagements, & more.

One exciting offering is our Faemily Table, where, one to two nights a week, we open our dinner table to anyone who arrives (by reservation) to join us for dinner in our Home. Our goal is to share with you the exquisite food experiences that are already seamlessly interwoven in our lives as we cook a delicious, nourishing meal for ourselves, and up to 8 guests. Moreover, it offers an exquisite opportunity to get to know us, and the energy we bring to a community food system. All arrive to a diverse table of mixed faemily, conversation that matters, and to enjoy a sublime ‘peasant-fabulous’ dinner together.

The Faerie Realm

We are members of a larger Seed Team working to grow a cross-pollinated sanctuary on rural land near Philadelphia. At its heart, our mission is to co-create radically-inclusive, Queer Home & Sanctuary space that nurtures cultures & practices essential to the liberation of all Life. We envision the Faerie Realm to be a place for Earth-centered communities to come together around the work of cultural-shift.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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