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Hi there!
Welcome to our Patreon page. Thanks for visiting. You're probably wondering how you got here and really all we can say is, that's what happens when you start to follow certain threads by clicking those links. Sometimes it leads to dark places on the web (like those weird 80's jazzercise videos) and sometimes it takes you to places like this page.

"We" are A Couple Of Average Joe's.
I don't really know how to define this "Podcast". It's a bit of a movie review show, a bit of a conversational show and a bit of ranting and raving.

We started this podcast back in 2013, as a weekly movie review show for the latest Hollywood productions that we wanted to see and then talk about. Starting with Django Unchained and  the first The Hobbit movie, which we recorded on cell phones, the audio was crap, but we knew what we wanted to do and A Couple Of Average Joe's was born.

We've been doing this for roughly 5 years and while it's fun, the whole idea of doing just a movie review "show" is kinda bland. There are a ton of movie review podcasts and channels out there and we want to bring something different to the playing field. So, we are going to be taking it to the next step. What's that next step?

The next step is to expand and bring you more shows. While we'll still be doing the movie review show, we're going to be producing a bunch of different shows that, we think, should be fun, interesting and, no pun intended, compelling. 

So, What Are You Getting Out Of This
Joe's Versus Bonus Episodes (Video Games)
We're resurrecting the classic video games series that we put on hold. We play all the classics from the Atari 2600 on up through to Dreamcast and PC Games that we all loved.

A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast
  • The Joe and Mike Show Bonus Episodes,  pre-recorded from the basement of the Bankruptcy Center, we talk about the latest entertainment and movie news, trailers, WTF Florida, Hollywood History, Lifestyles of the Spoiled and Worthless, and finally Compelled. 

Cinescape Magazine Podcast

  • Quahog 5 News - It's the Family Guy podcast
  • DC Animated - We talk about DC's animated universe TV shows and movies
  • Idea Men - Where we pitch movie ideas.
  • 13 Things - 13 Things you didn't know about movies, tv shows, music, video games and whatever else we can come up with.

Cocktails With Heather Bonus Episodes
, a dating advice show filled with stories about the triumphs and failures of dating in the 21st century and why being single (kinda) sucks.

We also want to build a community that is involved with the success of this show. Give your feedback, tell us what movies you think would be good to talk about, questions for our dating advice show and is Mike really that boring when it comes to telling a story (the answer is Yes, yes he is)?

So, what exactly will you be funding?
All of the shows that we just mentioned, plus whatever else we decide to add in the near future, including behind the scenes, outtakes, and one-off's. 

We do need to make one thing clear. Do not expect, that just because you're crowdfunding us, that our views will have to align with your views. It's not realistic. Our opinions are our opinions, even if you don't like it. Disagreements will happen and we can discuss them here on the site, in a calm and rational manner.


$0 of $1,000 per month
We will be able to upgrade our equipment and pay for better looking logos, advertising, and to create more shows
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