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We teach how to make a living by making the world a better place!

At the Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community, we developed educational resources on how to become an Activist, EcoSensual or EcoFeminist Entrepreneur.

We were having great success in attracting Interns and Volunteers from around the world to work on these projects. However, the Kilauea volcanic eruption in May 2018 destroyed our community in paradise.

As an activist entrepreneur community, we researched business solutions to various problems in the world. Over the years, we developed a practical series of principles that allow almost anyone to learn to be an ethical activist entrepreneur!

We found that nearly every problem in the world from refugees in the Middle East to homelessness in America could have an activist entrepreneur solution. 

With high unemployment in so many regions of the world, making money by doing good is an idea whose time has come! Social entrepreneurship as it applies to activism can create sustainable employment too!

These websites are not only for entrepreneurs. The benefits of earning a living according to your values are personal as well as professional. At  Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community, where we developed our social entrepreneur programs, we found that running a business based on principles you attract idealistic people who often become personal friends!

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Hedonisia EcoFeminist and Activist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio:

Patrons support our effort to continue refining these services for idealistic entrepreneurs around the world:

This Patreon fund is for us to be able to have an income so that we can continue working on these projects, which if successful, are intended to have an impact on environmental, human rights, gender equality and other progressive causes around the world.
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When we reach $1000, we can start to devote much more energy and time do further research on our Activist & EcoFeminist Entrepreneur projects. 
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