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We are under assault for telling the truth and supporting peace and liberty.

The corporate media feels threatened. No one believes their lies anymore. The Internet leveled the playing field. It allowed small independent truth-seeking media, like Activist Post, to compete in the marketplace of ideas. Turns out, peace and freedom are popular.

They lost their grip on reality and they want it back. Although the establishment media's attempt to label their competiton as "fake news" totally backfired in the public, they were able to convince Google, Facebook and others to take action through censorship and de-monetization.

As many of you know, we have been on every ridiculous "fake news" list, including some that accused us of being Russian propaganda (which we jokingly admit to here). Well, it appears that we have been put on some kind of official blacklist that is meant to starve us out.

In just this past week, Activist Post was removed from participating in two major ad networks: Google Ad Exchange and Amazon's CPM Ads programs. Both of which we had been using for some time.

Revenue from those sources is off by 60%.

The rep said our "domain is no longer approved by Google ad exchange."

From Amazon:
"After careful review, we have decided not to approve your website for the Amazon CPM Ads program as it does not meet the terms of the Associates Program Operating Agreement. As a result, we will not serve ads from Amazon CPM Ads on this website. Any earnings you’ve accrued for Amazon CPM Ads served to this site will be paid in accordance with the terms of the Associates Program Operating Agreement."

We pride ourselves on being self-sustaining with voluntary ads because begging for donations is not our style. Sticking to principles and offering massive value is our style. Yet as they reduce ways to make money, we need your support more than ever.

You are the reason we exist. Your desire for the truth and shared passion for peace and liberty has made our dreams come true. To do meaningful work! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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