Acts of Kitchen is creating a food podcast

The basics

$1 /creation
Huge thanks! And you'll be mentioned on the blog (unless you want to be anonymous). 


$2 /creation
Once a month, I'll send an email with a recipe in it. You also get access to the Slack - and my huge thanks! 

Homemade pastry

$3 /creation
You get a postcard once a quarter from me, with a handwritten note about... life... and food.... Also the above, including access to the Slack.


$5 /creation
Each January and July, you can suggest a recipe and I will attempt it, blogging and podcasting the results. (I reserve the right to negotiate if it’s beyond my skills or hard to get the ingredients...

Haute cuisine

$10 /creation
Each January and July, I’ll send you something edible (if you've supported at this level for at least two months)! Could be jam or something baked or… whatever else I come across. Also the above, i...