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Hey, Leo here for, providing you the most advanced videos about self-help, spirituality, nonduality, psychology, philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, mysticism, and more!

My mission is to build an in-depth catalogue of free videos explaining the most important aspects of life and reality. Not just videos, but also courses, tours, workshops, books, and more in the future. To accomplish this Actualized must be independently financed and uncorrupted by corporate influence, advertising, or sponsors. Your support helps to spread this life-changing content to others. Your funds can be used to advertise Actualized videos across social media, introducing more people to advanced spiritual concepts. Your support also gives me more freedom to do in-depth research and less need to dumb-down my teachings to chase the mass market. More funding opens up exciting new future possibilities such as doing a nationwide tour, workshops, and maybe even one day starting a retreat center. These are long-term goals which may or may not happen depending on how things unfold. There is also the possibility that I will disable all YouTube ads on my videos to be funded directly by Patreon donors and paid course customers. This would be ideal as many YouTube ads can be toxic and low-consciousness.

Your support is not required but greatly appreciated.

Thanks for supporting my work.

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