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About Sydney Conklin

Hey y'all! 
I'm a queer artist born and raised in Appalachia and I make Monsterhead!

Monsterhead is a webcomic about a woman cursed at birth who's nearly given up on finding out why. It's about growing up gay in rural Appalachia, found family, and opening your eyes to the good around you.

Most of my time goes into this project, but I also like to create minis. I still balance these projects with a full time day job, but your support makes it easier for me to focus on the work that I hold dear to my heart!

Here's Whatcha Get
Everyone gets the high-res PDFs of all the minis I make! $5 backers have access to blog posts, concept sketches, early access to Monsterhead pages, and commission queues. And at the $25 level, you get all that - plus a small digital sketch similar to the ones below - every month!
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$32 of $800 per month
I mean I'm not gonna stop y'all from paying my rent if that's what lives in your heart. It would mean I could start making comics full time!
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