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"The most important step you can take is the first one. Can't get anywhere if you never start the journey. Don't fear what you don't know, fear never taking the time find out. Get in the shed. Learn. Grow. Become.” - A+K

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“Chase the vision until you’re standing right in the middle of it manifested. When you reach your destination, plant your feet firmly and boldly. Don’t be late. Don’t second guess. Be bold. Be daring. Shine bright. Have fun!” - A+K

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  • Patron-Only Posts
  • First Access A&K Media 
  • Artifacts
  • The EEDO Spread  - Patreon Edition
  • Secret Teespring Store
  • Patreon-Exclusive Discounts
  • Custom Poster


“Make memories. Create something that will last. Share it. Study it. Grow it. Harness your vision. Harness your legacy.” - A+K



About Adam & Kizzie


Our family is expanding! 🥳 🤰🏾🥳
We couldn't be more thrilled and amazed that we've been so blessed with the great responsibility of bringing a new life into this world. 

You already know we took a major leap of faith and uprooted ourselves, making the move to LA. This was a big move. It was a big sacrifice emotionally and financially. We left our families and friends back home. And we left our jobs. It was all for the dream. But as it turns out, we did not know we had a stowaway in our midst! We were fully unaware of the even greater transition we were about to embark on. Lil' Baby EEDO!
So, now things have shifted a bit. While the dreams and goals are still a go, the plan has changed. Now we have prenatal care and videos to watch and books to read and doctors to see...and a future to prepare for. 

While we have plans to be more present here on Patreon and grow our community, we have to lighten our load. The truth is, the tiers have been difficult for us to deliver with the move alone. We have to focus more now on lining up work so that we can generate income for our family. This is going to require a lot of time and effort, which will inevitably cut into some of our creative time. That's why we feel that until we get settled into our new home and are comfortably securing a future for our family, it will be easier for us to keep our tiers simple and affordable. 

If you review the tiers, you'll see that you get some of the same great benefits for your benefit but with just a few minor changes.

As always your love and support is so very appreciated and makes what we do possible and the future bright.

Love and blessings! 

- A&K

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Thanks to all who have supported us both here and elsewhere!
This is the perfect place to support our projects and goals as creative musicians. Our plan is to produce more albums, create more stunning videos, hire experts in the industry, all in the name of creating art that will satisfy your audial and visual appetites - the EEDO way. And your patronage directly fuels these pursuits. So, if you haven't already, hit the 'Become a Patron' button over there on the right and let's get this show on the road!

If you’re new here, you’ve come to the best place to learn more about us is right here. ☟

▷ Watch this short video for a quick introduction to Adam & Kizzie.
That’s right! We’re married musicians. ❤️ So naturally, you should have a listen to some of our greatest hits from each album!

▷ Preview our latest album, THREEDO
▷ Preview The Book of EEDO Vol. 2
▷ Preview The Book of EEDO Vol. 1
And our favorite video to date. We love music, dance, and film! In this video, we were so excited to venture into all of these various forms of artistic expression, we decided to do it three times. 😊

▷ Watch Train now. All aboard!


If you haven't heard it, that’s just something we like to shout out when we’re excited about something, especially music. 🎶To share our music and message with the world is nothing short of a dream come true. We believe in the transformative power of music! Music heals, inspires, encourages, and strengthens us. This is the very essence of our motto and sound, EEDO, a term derived from freedom.

EEDO is how we sum up our philosophy and approach to music, art and life. It must be genuine, dope, fresh, and good for the world. And if you are someone who takes this same approach in life, well then that, my friend, makes us brothers and sisters of the EEDOship.

So, next time we see you at an Adam & Kizzie concert, be sure to shout ‘EEDO!!’ so that we know you’re out there.

Cuz that’s what it’s all about! Connecting with you. That’s why we’re here on Patreon. You make what we do possible. And this is a great way for us to connect with you and the perfect way for you to support the band, Adam & Kizzie. Being published recording artists, a national touring band, 3rd place winners in Usher’s 2017 Megastar Competition - we didn’t do that alone. We do these things ONLY with the support and love of our fans, friends, and family.

Let us know you’re out there. Shout the proverbial “EEDO!!” by clicking ‘Become a Patron’ up there on the right and become an official member of the EEDOship.


You are always a welcome guest. But you are also free to stay here for as long as you like. A day, a week, a month, a year - you can stay indefinitely. You can even invite your own guests. We love the company. We want to chat with, share with, uplift, inspire and encourage the world!
Good things come to those who join our Patreon house of EEDO.

What It Takes To Keep This House Running
To create, market and perform our music it takes considerable time, equipment and personnel. Time to create, instruments, insurance, cables, travel expenses, lodging, mixing, mastering, merchandise, booking, film crews, marketing and the list goes on and on…everything costs.

With you in the house, not only can we keep the lights on, and the water running, but we can also build and grow. And we'll just be in the kitchen, cookin' nonstop.

Everything we cook up, we serve it right back to you on a silver Patreon platter. If you check the Tiers on the right of your screen, you'll see a whole buffet of benefits to chose from when you join.

You'll get more from us here than anywhere else! Your buck will be like, "Bang!"

There’s no big or small support here. That’s why no matter what Tier you choose, we’re gonna show you love.

We hope you’ll stay and build with us! Appreciate you for thinking of us today.
Peace & Blessings! 🙏🏾❤️

▷ Watch our journey together, chronicled in this fun-loving, home-made video.

🎧 Listen to our full albums here on Spotify


I'm Still Not Sure What Patreon Is, But I Don't Want To Read Anymore.
▷ No Problem! Watch this video.
What Is Patreon?
Patreon is a custom subscription platform where patrons can pay what they want and gain first access to our content, experience a fun way to interact with us directly, and receive member-exclusive deals.
You can create your own subscription or choose from one of our four pre-set subscription tiers starting at just $1.
It’s just like having a season pass to your favorite sports team or local theatre, but your season pass only cost you a dollar. 😎
Your support here means we build together. We'll have more time and resources needed to be the artists you know and love. i.e. Less time spent on side jobs, more time creating, producing, and performing. It means more amazing music and videos. More. More, more...more!

How Does Patreon Work?
On the right, you’ll see our membership Tiers. Every Tier comes with access to some awesome, exclusive media.
Select a Tier that best appeals to you, or you can create your own custom tier.
*No cancellation gotchas or fees. Cancellations are penalty-free.

How Do I Become a Patron?
Select the orange 'Become a Patron' button in the upper right hand corner (or at bottom of the screen on mobile devices), choose your preferred Reward Tier or enter your own custom monthly amount. Click ‘Continue’ and pay with your credit card or PayPal account.

When Do I Get My Rewards?
Rewards are delivered every Monday unless otherwise specified in the Tier description.

What Are Your Big Picture Goals?
Hire A Team of Experts - There are many positions and specified skillsets necessary to build a successful music business. Working with experts will not only create jobs, it will enrich and enhance the art we create and perform.

Booking/Band Manager
Business/Brand Manager
Sales Reps

Recording Engineers
Mixing/Mastering Engineer

Graphic Designers
Web Designers
Social Media Marketers
Radio/TV/News Marketers

Hair & Makeup

How Did You Guys Meet?
In high school choir class (1998). The connection we forged through our shared love of music made us fast, inseparable friends. All we ever did was sing, rap, dance, and laugh when we were together.
However, our college years lead us down different paths. Kizzie became a professional performer for Disney and traveled the world. Adam founded the New Growth Jazz Quartet and became a notable jazz pianist and Christian rapper in their hometown.

When Did You Get Married?
December 11, 2011

What Took You Guys So Long To Get Married?
We were always just good friends. We never expected to fall in love with each other. 2011 was one heck of a surprise.

How Did You Fall In Love?
In 2010, though we were worlds apart, we both fell on hard times and walked away from music. Amid the depression that ensued, we reconnected the following year through very random circumstances. Our friendship was rekindled as we began sharing encouraging words and praying together to get through that period. Quickly, and without our permission, we fell in love. Hard. And. Fast.
Because of fear, we made a few unsuccessful attempts to run from our feelings and stay away from each other. But the love was too strong. It had swallowed us up so overwhelmingly, the only way we knew to express what we were feeling was to return to our first love - music.
Within 9 months, we were married and spent the first six months of our marriage in Bangalore, India (long story) working as a cover band at a luxury hotel.

When Did You Decide To Form Your Band?
In the summer of 2012.
When we first got to India the idea was to perform music together by any means necessary but one night we were sitting by the pool after a set, and we received the same vision: Both of us on stage with a band in front of a sea of people singing the truths that are often unspoken from our desired platform.
Under a new swell of inspiration, we spent our remaining months in India composing the music of our first two albums, The Book of EEDO: Vols. 1 & 2.
When we returned home, we set out to fulfill the vision.
We’re so floored and grateful for the gift of watching this vision unfold. In Summer 2018, upon the release of our third album, we got on stage and performed that incredible show we envisioned all those years ago. Thanks to our fans and, above all, our Father in Heaven, through whom all things are possible.

How Many Albums Total Have You Released?

Are You Signed With a Label?
Yes. Ropeadope Records (Since 2014).

Have You Won Any Awards?

Are You On Social Media?
We are! And we would love it if you liked, followed, and subscribed to our pages and channels.
FBTwitterIGYouTube: @adamandkizzie

Can I edit or stop pledging in the future?
Absolutely! You can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time. Just click on your profile and select ‘Your Pledges’ to make your changes.
And know that even if you don't have first access to our content, you will still have access to our music and videos once they're released. After all, the whole goal here is to provide meaningful art for everyone everywhere.

What if I want to support more than the highest tier?
Well, firstly, we would be scrambling like headless chickens to find the appropriate way to say 'thank you'! 😳 But as far as your pledge is concerned, you can simply write in whatever amount pleases you during the check out process.

Will I still get some perks if I create a customized membership?
Sure! If any tier falls below your custom amount, you’ll get those perks.

Will my support still matter if I don’t become a patron?
You better believe it!! Train being selected in two film festivals, The Book of EEDO Vol. 2 peaking at #6 on iTunes within 24 hours of its release, and our success in the Megastar Competition was because of you. That support is, has been, and will forever be utterly priceless to us. Thank you!

Are various currencies excepted?
Yep! Everything defaults to US dollars on the website, but you can change it to any currency.

More questions?
If you didn't see your question here, email us at [email protected]

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▷ WARNING: Watch without tissue at your own risk!
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