Adam Parsons

is creating Digital Art & Children's Book Illustration drawings & tutorials
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About Adam Parsons

There are two types of people.
The entertainers and the entertained.

One creates, one consumes, the difference is making effort - Being Bothered.

Although I enjoy consuming content created by others, there is nothing that compares to creating your own. As entertainers we bring something into the world that never existed. Something that wasn’t, now is and that creation is a magical high you have to experience to believe.

I’m here to help you capture, craft and express that creative high through art. It’s hard work and challenging and there’s lots to learn but together we can learn. Together YOU will become the entertainer you’re meant to be.

Digital Artist and Children’s Book Illustrator offers behind-the-scenes videos, video hangouts, online contests, insightful Photoshop tips and Procreate layer files, just for patrons.

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