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Hello, it's me, Adam Schatz from the band Landlady and other things you may know and like me from. I'm going to open a monthly window into my musical world, Landladyland.

New posts will arrive on the first Monday of every month, until my head falls off. The stuff I make here brings me joy, and the $ you pledge will keep me afloat to keep making stuff. My new solo record, more Landlady songs, all the weird goodness to come. 

There will be lots of music, new recordings and older reveals, my new radio show,  sound experiments with my saxophone / keyboards / pedals and songs that I sing on, re-worked versions of songs I like and improvisations alone and with folks I think you should know about. 

Since starting this in April, this affair has evolved to include a monthly radio show, free for all, where I feature many friends' and friends-of-friends' music that you may not know, + records from my collection + music that I make that you can only get here. 

This will be different every month. A mixtape of the different sides of me, simultaneously letting you in and pushing me to finish as much music as I can. Some of this stuff will end up on albums, some of it won't. Albums are a different beast and and I'd like to get more of my music out to the  people who want to hear from me. 

Is that you? Hello? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO??

If it is you, then come inside. Your $2 a month gets you oodles of noodles from my zone into your home. There will also be pieces of writing and photographs. Think of this like a multi-purpose magazine. Or a cat-dog-gerbil hybrid. Or a survival mechanism. Whatever angle you prefer, if you've spent some time with me or my work and said to yourself "you know what I would like is a little bit more of that dude on a semi-regular basis" then this is the ideal experience for you. 

If you are getting cold feet, here's a list I've put together of what else $2 a month can get you, my feelings won't be hurt if you opt for any of these instead:

- 4 dirty gumballs 
- 8 pay phone calls
- 9 walnuts
- 6 pine nuts
- 100 sesame sticks
- 3/4 of an avocado
-  2/3 of a one way Subway ride
-  2/5 of a foot long Subway sandwich 
- 1 used book
- 1 pet moth (before moth food)
- ownership 1.5 songs on iTunes (what's that) or Amazon (my toilet paper delivery service?)
- mild support for one of the dogs in the Sarah Mclaughlin commercial, but not one of the ones on camera, one of the uglier dugs juuust out of frame.

There's a true excitement for me in this approach, a monthly release of whatever I want. Knowing that people will be receiving these dispatches will motivate me to make more stuff, finish more things, smaller nuggets and bigger concepts alike. Who knows. Let's find out. 


---- questions? suggestions? Write me at [email protected] -----

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