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Small Fish

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Access to the "Talks In Landladyland" Discord page + monthly pieces of writing & monthly playlists

If you're currently pledged to this tier, you’ve been a loyal subscriber and likely from the early days of this Patreon, and I thank you. You’ll notice I’ve added a new $5 tier, with additional and consistent good stuff being offered exclusively at that level. Yes it is $3 more than you’ve currently been paying, but yes it will help me a lot, an awful lot in fact, to keep making new things for you and to do them in the way that I wish. With this new tier comes the announcement of the new Landlady album and the new monthly Landladyland podcast, a new unique offering featuring interviews and new music and as many segments as I can invent. It is not quite like anything else and I’m already very proud of the first episode we’ve created, and I’d like to make a lot more. That podcast will be free for all, so you’ll be supporting its creation just by donating here. But if you choose to jump up to the $5 Big Fish tier, there will be a consistent and magical monthly outpouring from my brain & surrounding brains, into your home. So I hope you consider bumping it up, you won’t be sorry, and I’ll be able to eat more sandwiches.
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Big Fish

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reward item
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You are a huge help! This tier is new, because the pandemic cut off all touring income and I am adjusting with a more meaty and exciting monthly offering for y'all, in exchange for your $5 support. This new tier is lining up with the announcement of the BRAND NEW  Landlady album entitled "Landlady," as well as my monthly Landladyland podcast.  

Each month the Big Fish patrons will recieve:
1+ Schatz-scored Nature videos - 1+ per month
1+ Play-along recording
Bonus materials from the Landaldyland podcast (recorded music, extended interviews, odds AND ends)
1+ Piece of writing (essays, fiction, suggested grocery lists)
1 + Cover song (suggestions taken from the new Talks In Landladyland Discord page which you'll gain access to with this toer)
Early access to singles
1 + Song Breakdown from the new Landlady album (I'll do this until I run out of songs, so it should last through the end of 2021)
Includes Discord benefits



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