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The basics. You will get access to my basic recap podcasts and my private discord server. These recaps are fairly surface level however. 

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Congratulations! You're now a certified baller. 

This tier gives you access to 2 film breakdowns per month, 2 play breakdowns per month and all game recaps. 

You will also have access to the discord server and be able to schedule a 5-10 minute call with me each month.  

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Damn, you balled out and became an All-Star huh? 

Well with such a high status, comes high rewards!

On this tier you will get all previous tier's benefits PLUS an extra 2 breakdowns a week on either film or game breakdowns. 

YOU set the topics for all breakdown videos i do (based on votes).

You will get access to private audio podcast files of my thoughts on the games you ask me to breakdown and how i feel they were executed. 

Finally, you will be made into that of a God on my discord server with full admin rights.




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Based out in the UK, i am an avid NBA fan. I write for a very reputable Boston Celtics website and host a podcast for the same company. 

I will be using the patron to provide fans with basketball content that i do not get chance to cover elsewhere. There will be game breakdowns, film analysis and much more. 

There will also be regular chances for Q & A's with me and phone call's on offer. 

My dream is to cover basketball as a full time job, i am hoping you enjoy the content enough to help me realise that dream. 
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This is my first milestone. Reaching this means i have a core group of patreons who enjoy the content i am providing. 
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