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We are bringing a deeper understanding of and connection to native ecosystems where it matters most: where you are right now. Our mission is a lofty one. But it is one that we feel is necessary given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Please support us in this mission by becoming a monthly contributor at any amount that you can sustain.  


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Thank you for being a part of our community.  Please enjoy the resources we share here and the thank you native plant postcard we will send in the mail. We look forward to meeting you at an event or volunteer opportunity if you have the chance to come.  


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Supporters at this level will be invited to our yearly plant sale, held in Ann Arbor in late May, and can receive a complimentary native tree or shrub. Species will change, but will often include: oaks, hickories, hackberry, dogwoods, juneberries, chokeberries, and hazelnuts. We also hope you enjoy the thank you native plant postcard you'll receive in the mail.




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About adapt

Why community-supported ecology?
We believe that each of us, and each plot of land, is vital to a healthy future. Adapt exists to sustain and promote the connections between people and the land that supports us through community co-creation of native plant and perennial food landscapes.

What is community-supported ecology?
We design and install native plant and food gardens. We have previously done this through the standard economic model of landscaping, as a privately purchased amenity for individuals who can afford it. It was the only model there was. But because we believe that each plot of land has a meaningful share of the planet and has a role in our common future, we believe there is a better model.

Through crowdfunding, education and volunteer effort, we aim to build a community network that supports the restoration of native plant and perennial food landscapes on small parcels of privately- and publicly-owned land where there might otherwise not be the resources to do so.

Why do we ask for your support?   
Ecology is about the relationships between species and the processes that unfold as the living Earth interacts with geology and climate. We, you, our community, and all people on earth are not separate from these processes, but fully a part of them.

We therefore ask for your support for two reasons.

First, landscaping is prohibitively expensive for most homeowners, businesses, and organizations. Landscaping that requires extensive knowledge about an area's native species, soils, habitat types and perennial food plants is even more so. Because we all share the resources of our one planet, we all benefit when those resources are abundant. Your support helps fund ecological restoration in our community including the installation of native plant and food gardens where there is currently lawn or other invasive groundcover. You might have fully gardened your yard already, or you might not have a yard at all. We are creating this space so that no matter your situation, you can directly contribute to making your planet more resilient.

Second, your support connects you to the cause and to the community. By supporting Adapt through your donations or volunteer work, you are joining a community of people who are saying ‘yes’ to biodiversity and abundance, ‘yes’ to taking real action to sustain life in our own front yards in the face of climate change, and ‘yes’ to a future in which we not only acknowledge but embrace our interconnectedness with one another and with all species on earth.

Why does Adapt use only native and perennial edible plants?
Native plants are necessary because they form the foundation of healthy ecosystems. Native plants have co-evolved with other species in a given area (animals, fungi, bacteria and other plants), and these species rely on one another for reproduction, food sources and habitat. Together, these species form a healthy, diverse, functional, and continuously evolving ecosystem that can adapt to changing conditions. As humans are a part of this ecosystem and we are dependent upon the resources it provides, adding perennial edible plant varieties to our landscapes supports food resiliency in our community. 

 As our world is experiencing an unprecedented change in its climate, it is imperative that we restore native species and perennial food plants to the landscape so that they - and we - can evolve and adapt to our new reality.

Who are we?
We are William and Nell Kirst, a couple of caring, passionate and devoted people who believe that each piece of property, no matter how small, is a share of our planet and will play a role in our common future. At its very best, even a tiny plot can be a space that sustains life by producing food, supporting biodiversity, increasing the abundance of pollinators, sequestering carbon, and building connection and community between people.

William is a gardener and ecologist, and has experience and expertise in ecological restoration, native plant landscaping and perennial food gardening. Nell is a physician who believes that the health of individuals is deeply connected to the health of our communities and our planet.

We believe that each one of us – whether through restoration of our own property, volunteer work or financial contribution – can and must play a vital role in the sustenance and health of our planet, starting with the very ground we stand on.

Thank you for reading and for being a part of our community.
$500 - reached! per month
Reaching this goal will fully fund our first level of garden building operations. At $500/month we will be able to build 40 microhabitats (details forthcoming) each year, 20 in the spring and 20 in the fall, as well as offering a number of native trees and shrubs. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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