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About Adapted Podcast

This podcast started in 2015 after I embarked on my own journey of self-discovery on what it meant to be an adopted from Korea, an immigrant borne from a mother's loss, and a Korean-American woman who had also lost a culture and a language, my first anchors in the world. In 2016 I received a Fulbright scholarship to interview others about their experiences. And I packed my bags for Seoul to have an adventure of my own. 

Since then, more than 70 adoptees have shared their stories. There are common and shared experiences such as growing up as a transracial adoptee, of living in communities where no one looked like you, the discomfort and silence around race and difference, and of facing racism and stereotyping. But the differences in each individual story are also fascinating. These voices connect us. 

You can help this continue. It's a crucial time for the podcast. Now, at the start of the third season, we want to continue to share these stories. To date, the podcast has survived as a personal project with support from a grant or out of my own pocket. Now, I'm hoping that listeners like you can help. Some of the costs include powering a podcast RSS feed, keeping a website alive and having access to audio editing software. Gear can break and extra costs like batteries add up. I would also like to pay for a subscription to the musician whose work you regularly hear on the podcast. Your help will allow me to focus more on the creative work and make it more possible to travel to a city near you. The podcast is and will continue to be free. 

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Thanks again for supporting Adapted Podcast. 

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