Adaptive Curmudgeon is creating Verbiage

Invitation To Feel Smug

$2 /mo
  • You can honestly claim "Adaptive would be doomed without my support".
  • My dog and I will be forever grateful.
  • When I remember to do so, I'll post "Lesbian Squirrels" episo...

League Of Awesome

$5 /mo
  • I will hoist a glass of whiskey in your honor. 
  • My dog will adore you and I will be grateful.
  • If you wish I'll e-mail "Lesbian Squirrels" posts directly to you before

One Time Participatory Mayhem

$30 /mo
  • I will propose a toast to your health, spiritual attainment, and sexual prowess.
  • My dog will adore you. And so will I.
  • If you wish I will create a character or event in "Les...

Full Fledged Patron Of The Arts

$50 /mo
  • My dog and I will sing your praises.
  • I will raise a duck or other farmyard creature in your honor and you get the naming rights.
  • I will mail you a pound of top quality ba...