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- You and I become Friends, and you get early access to everything I’m releasing out into the world (and in some cases, exclusive access). Plus we can chat about song suggestions, original music, and whatever else you want!
- Maybe we become Pretty Good Friends, and you get a free music download every month and exclusive access to drafts of songs I’m working on right now.
- You may want to be Best Friends, in which case I would follow you on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube and (if you want) give feedback on your content whenever you like!
- If you still want to take this to the next level, you could be my Skype Pal or Skype Mentee, and we can spend some time together every month where I teach you piano, songwriting, or whatever else you want to learn?
How does that sound? If that sounds fun to you, join me on Patreon! Here’s what I’m doing right now:
Between my two YouTube channels, Addison Horner Music and the newly launched Son of Adam, I’m going to upload 1-2 piano cover videos every month, plus some extra fun things right on Patreon. If you want to help choose the music I cover, let’s be Friends!
As release plans move forward for my original music, you can get exclusive access to private videos and recordings and give me your feedback. Everything you say will help me create better music. If that sounds like fun, let’s be Pretty Good Friends!
I’m going to upload an original piano improv piece every month. These are songs that I’m writing on the spot and will likely never play again. If you want to learn how to play piano or write like this, let’s be Skype Pals!
I’m a full-time musician, and while I’m blessed with opportunities that help me make money doing what I love, it doesn’t leave me with much extra cash to put into creating high-quality music. A lot of the shiny, professional details come down to having great equipment and great people to work with. Every cent that goes into this Patreon page is used to produce better content, get better equipment, and bring in better people like producers, engineers, and designers.
* * *
Got any questions? The Patreon support team can help you out, or just shoot me a message here or on any of my social media pages!
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Every goal is tailored to bring YOU the highest-quality music possible. For each goal, I'll make a special thank-you video AND release a song/video for Patrons only! When I reach $100 per month, I'll buy a camera so I can (finally) stop filming videos on my iPhone.
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