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The No Physical Reward tier is the first level of support available here on the Addison Locke Patreon. Although it starts at the lowest possible contribution amount, it can actually be the most valuable way to provide your financial support. Every little bit helps towards the creation of my new album and I can't do this without you, my fans.

What this tier has going for it is the fact that you are free to customize your contribution amount. $1 is the minimum, but there is certainly no **maximum. Choosing a higher dollar amount helps with the fee-percentage problem and combined with the fact that time or funds are not being put toward fulfilling rewards, this tier has the potential to be the most powerful way to support my music.

**You can also do a one time donation in any amount - the best way to support and donate with a one-time pledge is to become a patron and simply remove your patronage after the first of the month once your pledge has successfully processed.

Official Addison Fan

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Includes for the first 43 that signs up for the $3 tier:
  • a postcard signed by Addison featuring a print of an original artwork by his daughter London (the same artwork featured in his upcoming book)
  • Early access to updates, tickets, songs or album releases

Loyal Addison Fans

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  • Advance notice of events
  • Where possible, (Some studio/ engineering restrictions apply), advance MP3 copies of new Addison Locke material prior to public release
  • Early access to videos and behind the scene content
  • And everything in the previous tier

About Addison Locke

I am now working on a new album and I need your support. As you know with Covid 19 I have been unable to perform at concerts, so I am looking for ways to help fund a new gospel favourites CD and a new originals CD. I am trying to raise $20,000 which should pay for the recording and production. I truly appreciate any and all of you that donate to help me continue to create and fill the world with music that I feel helps lift people up.

If you are interested in making a one time donation of $1200.00 or more please contact [email protected]

For your one time donation you will receive:
  • One exclusive hard copy collector series picture/ songbook prior to release to the public. Your book will be signed by the Illustrator and Addison, numbered and labeled, 'Collector's Edition'. (Addison All Star tier patrons who wish to take advantage of this offer must pay SEPARATE shipping). Addison Locke will offer worldwide shipping.
  • Exclusive access to any ZOOM live event that will be titled "ASK ME ANYTHING"
  • Personal shout-out / recognition / thank you and credit listed on next album (your name will be on the album)
  • And everything in the previous tiers
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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