Anya Johanna DeNiro is creating stories and games about trans women

You're Pretty Great.

$1 /mo
  • tons of thank yous and psychic high-fives and access to any exclusive patron blog posts, drafts, and my craft and writing exercise series, posted biweekly just for patrons: Just Enough to ...

Also pretty great.

$5 /mo
I'll ship you a copy of the issue of One Teen Story that my recent story, "Love All, Trust Few, Harm None" appeared in! (U.S./Canada only).

Wowwww you are great.

$10 /mo
Hey thank you so much! I'll send you a copy of the One Teen Story, er, story as well as a copy of my last short story collection Tyrannia. It, er, has a weird name on the front, but the works insid...

Magically great!

$15 /mo
Aside from the physical rewards listed above, I'll provide detailed critique of two (2) short stories of yours, or 50 pages of a novel. The critique will include line edits but, as you might gather...