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Celeng will make more than just game updates. Enjoy our WIP art gallery that won't be posted anywhere else + our monthly comic as a nice little bonus while you are waiting on our next update :D

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By the way, also enjoy ONE WIP animation that will be exclusively posted monthly to this tier level. And of course, you also have early access to our game updates.

Finally there is no other words, but your sincerity helps us on this hard journey.
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Hello! This is Celeng

Celeng makes adult video games, illustration and comics

The first game is still in early development, called "Inquisitor Trainer" and it is a visual novel styled point and click adventure game. This game will be updated monthly with additional story, more characters, more feature based from the feedback and resource availability. 


This game is a fan-based parody of WARHAMMER 40K (owned by Game Workshop).
Celeng is not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Game Workshop.
Please support the official products.

Celeng wants to welcome you to the naughty and perverted dark era of the far future.

Player will take the role of a young female protagonist, tasked to investigate the disappearance of several officials and other mysterious cases in the city which might be related to certain heretical cult.  However, she will not conduct her investigation in a conventional manner, due to her lack of training and proper equipment. She will have to 'improvise' and to use whatever means necessary to achieve her goals. 

July update
Currently we are looking at options to change our art style into full retro, which is pixel art. This will have many advantages such as smaller game files and taking less time to be developed. 
We understand that some of you prefer our old art style, so we will combine both style and make some enjoyable adjustment. Below are the two mockup of the game scenes so you can imagine how the game would be like.

We will re-launch the demo (correcting minor stuff in some drawings), this would be done around week 3 or 4.

1 NPC character has been added in the game.
(the WIP NSFW illustration is available for tier 2 and tier 3 patrons. Check it out in our post)
(the WIP NSFW Animation of that character will be available for tier 3 patrons. And will be post on the third week)

This month game update will be released in the end of the month (Week 4 of July) with PC and Android version available

Main character mockup - Idle

Main character mockup - on the move

A discord server has been made available to our patrons (for all tiers), a place where we  share information about the game development process so you will have insight in things that we plan next. We have provided  "story line suggestion and ideas" section because in the end, your feedback will take a role in shaping the game!
There is also "chatroom" section where you can have a nice discussions between heretics.

There are also more games currently under development by Celeng
Those games will be posted and shown in this patreon page in the future. You may also follow my gallery of art-work (mostly fan made illustrations) on instagram : @celeng234_

Why crowd-funding?
Because we want to make FREE DOWNLOADED games that has no any advertising in it for everyone to enjoy. We will release the game for free after it is finished.
We are an idealistic group of nerds, who hate "pay for win" kindda game like most free mobile game version nowadays. And also, we don't want to put any disturbing advertising pop up in the middle of the game.  That's why celeng needs your support.

Enjoy the journey of developing games with us. You will see lots of lots illustrations which might not be released. You will give us your ideas and be part of our team. You will be the first one to test the game as you will have early access to it. 
Anyway, the NSFW game version only will be available for our patrons, as we can't possibly publish the uncensored one to public.

In the end, whether you just want to stay updated and play our games or want to participate in the game making process by voting for key decisions and leaving feedback, Celeng would be happy if you would choose to stay.

Help us to continue creating this type of game, 
Many thanks and hope you enjoy!

Note : This game contains adult rated content. Please do not play or support if you are under the legal age in your country.
360 of 1000 patrons
Once we are at this point, we will hire our close friend, who is currently working as a full time animator in a  local game-making company, to join our team. So you will have more and better quality of TOTALLY uncensored-animations!

This set of animation will be shown in a form of line art (not pixel art animation) to satisfy all horny souls in the galaxy :D
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