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About Adey

There's magic afoot- and a revolution occurring in the world of supporting the artists we love!
You can embark on an in-depth, personal relationship with me and my craft- Get the chance to talk with me so I can get to know and better serve you.

I'm Adey- I create music to fall in love by- soundtracks from the other side to enchant, inspire and transport you. I have so much more to give beyond the bounds of live performance. And I’m ready to share it with you.

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Patreon is like a reoccurring tip jar, you donate the dollar amount of your choice from below (and get cool perks for doing so) and I get supported for bringing you fresh music, videos and creations every month! It's a WIN-WIN situation: you get behind the scenes access and are the first to enjoy my offerings, and I get more time to craft and consistently release juicy music and content. 
*IMPORTANT NOTE* My recordings and videos will always be free. You can still watch/listen on my bandcamp and youtube channel but this is an opportunity to contribute to my career and show your support!


I took a lot of time formulating my perks to give you the best of me. They will morph with time as I’m always evolving. I am excited and open to your suggestions. So bring it on!

You’ll be delighted to know that I will be giving you pure magic in a myriad of forms every month—
— Here on Patreon I'll give YOU the insider’s scoop on my recording process. You can have special VIP access in the studio. You’ll have a chance to give me input on my videos, songs I cover, merchandise I’m creating, locations and visions for performances and much more…. 

So... peruse my perks below to find what connection inspires you! Remember you can set your monthly max so you'll never go over budget no matter how creative I may get... 

Thank you SO MUCH for checking out my Patreon Page~ for being a lover of music and art~ for being alive and awake enough to know that music is so much more than a song....
~ The Lady Adey

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