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About Augmented Dictator Games

Hey all, welcome to my Patreon page for Augmented Dictator Games!  I am a YouTube Content Creator that specializes in Star Trek Online and helping people 'up their game' for end game content (STF/TFOs). 

Since I have had to recreate this page about 10 times thanks to Patreon not saving my information, I am going to make this a lot smaller this time around. As a 100% service connected disabled veteran, I busy myself with making these videos for the game.  However, I am financially limited at the moment because I have been essentially laid off work for medical issues since the end of April.  I would like to provide more in-game giveaways, but buying the ship packs from the Exchange are expensive and I do not currently have the budget to do so.

Help me continue helping you all.

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