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Have you ever read that ADHD can be an advantage and started scratching your head in confusion because you can't see how it can be so? 🤔

Me too. 

But I figured that if we could interview the people who can use it for their advantage, maybe we can identify with their ADHD, history & personality, and that would help us make a better career decision. 

That's why the podcast is about interviewing ADHDers who found their "Ikigai".

"Ikigai" is a Japanese word that means a mix of :

✨What you can get paid for doing
✨What you love
✨What you can be good at
✨What the world needs

Our hope from these interviews is to help ADHDers find where they fit and live a happy and fulfilling life, without worrying about whether ADHD is going to be a roadblock towards building that life or not.

Our plan is to literally interview all ADHDers who feel like ADHD was an advantage for them in their career.😊

This way, no ADHDer is left confused thinking they're a failure or they're going to be a failure for the rest of their lives.

Because in my opinion, the majority of our issues with ADHD can mostly come from our environment & occupation. Imagine having ADHD and having to go somewhere you hate, where your self-esteem is shattered daily, how would that affect you as an ordinary person? 

In those interviews, how much money the interviewees are making is not going to be the sole focus, we'll also be focusing on fulfillment, pride, and self-worth. 🥰

If you're still struggling to find a good occupation, we know that money is probably an issue right now, that's why you can pay however much you want for all access starting from 3€💶

Those interviews are also free on our Instagram when they're live, but to gain access to the replays, we hope that you can help us support us to pay for our expenses! ❤️ 

Sending you love! 💞💞

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About adhdoers

Hey guys! This is Amine writing this, I'm the founder of ADHDoers, and I'm going to tell you my story...

I realized I had ADHD when I was 17 years old.

At first, I felt a mix of emotions, I was angry, surprised, sad, happy, relieved, you name it.😔

I didn't know what to feel but I can tell you that the process definitely wasn't all sunshine & rainbows. 

At the time, as someone who grew up and lived in a third-world country, my only source of information about ADHD was Google. 🔎 

I hyperfocused on ADHD, I visited Google several times per day for months. 

And every single time, all I found was blogs that made me feel worse about myself... 😣

These blogs always made me feel like I had no right to hope for a great future. 

And let me tell you, as an ambitious ADHDer, this crushed my soul, I lost all my desire to live for another day. 

All of those feelings just made my ADHD worse, my ability to focus worse, my mindset worse, and made me so toxic that I couldn't even hold a romantic relationship for more than a month.😕

Until one day... I read one positive article, and it was the only article I needed 🙏🏻. 

That article was on Forbes, and it's titled: "ADHD, the entrepreneur's superpower". 

At first, I was confused, how can it be a superpower to anyone? But then, it started to click... 

I still don't believe it's really a superpower, but logically, a different brain will thrive in a different environment, that's simple... " You can't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree". 😊

When it finally clicked, I felt like it was the happiest day of my life 😁 

I still have an image on my personal Instagram where I took a screenshot of that article and tagged my friends ( who also have ADHD ) telling them "Guys, we're not stupid, we have hope!!"🤩

Fast forward 6 years, about 15  projects/companies ( most got dropped after a while, but I was discovering what types of businesses I like to run), and several failures, I finally created ADHDoers, and I stuck to it since 2019.💙 

And I couldn't be happier... In fact, I don't see myself doing anything else but growing this project. 

yes, even the simplest things can have the most impact on our lives, and in my case, it was an article that showed me exactly what I would enjoy. 🥰 

Hopefully, our podcast will have the same effect on you & spark an idea that will elicit a massive amount of action. 

Supporting us means that you're not only helping a project with a mission but helping the entire community that we serve. 

I believe that my only advantage is being an idea machine... So I have big plans for the future of the ADHD Community, we want ADHDers to feel proud of their brains, and we want the ADHD diagnosis to be good news instead of a painful mixed emotions experience.

Our goal is to help ambitious ADHDers avoid all of the unnecessary issues I suffered from as well as help them find where they fit & will be welcomed. 

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