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About A Dilettante

I am a fine arts critic residing and reviewing contemporary art in Los Angeles. I believe there is such a thing as good art, and it is my task to find and publicize it.

What is good art? As I wrote in my essay The Last Man and the Theory of Art with the Justification of Its Criticism in my e-book titled Critique of the Last Man in Film, art which:

(1) imbues a sense of the unseen order;

(2) in as many subjective experiences as possible (“universally”);

(3) and as timelessly as possible (the sensation may be experienced irrespective of historical condition).

Through this measure of the quality of "timeless beauty", the human spirit is perfected upon contemplation.

But what is “a sense of the unseen order”? It is receiving inconceivable majesty which invokes a sense of wonder – a pure state of gratitude for the experience of living.

The artist brings forward in her creation something inexplicable, for it is beyond the grasp of human comprehension. This incomprehensibility, when brought public, provides a collision with subjects who otherwise would never have imagined such a creative design. Good art provides, almost effortlessly, a window into Nature and its unfathomably harmonious order. With such an intuition gleamed, with the simple state of being alive in resonance with the artwork, the subject dusts off his soul from the profanities and sufferings of everyday life – which might veer himself towards questioning the point of living altogether.

More pedantically, the elevation of the experience of being toward sacredness, and away from profanity, I have called an “authentication” – borrowing from Soren Kierkegaard’s equation of inauthenticity with falsehood from The Sickness Unto Death – as it is a unification of the subject with the singular, unified, order in nature – returning himself to an eternally true being. (Such a theory of spiritual unification, i.e. "Oneness", is preceded by almost two millennia in the metaphysics of Plotinus.)

The aim of art, then, is to provide an elegant affirmation to the question: “is life worth living?”

And this answer is boundlessly yes. The reasons to give a yea are abundant. My task is to provide in written word these reasons using good artwork. In doing so, I aim to contribute to the vitally important task of life-affirmation, which is the succor of human culture since time immemorial - fulfilling my purpose of being a good human being.
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Over the last few years there has been a perceptible theme in contemporary Los Angeles fine art; a movement I wish to label as Nostalgicism. It is a theme in my criticism's to unearth this return to innocence in a post-9/11 tumultuous age with many artists drawing upon childhood imagination to rebuke it. 

I have seen enough art to elaborate on this movement and its specific examples and would like to commit to publishing a contemporary art book exploring this art movement using the artists which I have reviewed.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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