Distant Signal is creating films, documentaries and vlogs

Signal One

$1 /creation
For the first tier you'll get a credit either in the low bar or in a credit roll.

Signal Two

$2 /creation
Monthly Email From DS Creator, Phil Be the first to get a sneak peek at upcoming productions and insider information about what’s going on behind the scenes - direct from Phil himself.

Signal Boost

$5 /creation
Exclusive, behind the scenes videos, the DS Vlog where creator, Phil catches you up on everything going on with Distant Signa'ls shows and himself. Whether he’s wrapping up a film or watching one -...

Direct Connect

$10 /creation
Patreon Live Chat
Chat with Distant Signal creator Phil - with surprise guests - once a month via the Patreon app (available on

Message Received

$15 /creation
Receive a video shout out from Distant Signal and Phil to thank you.  If you have a YouTube channel or other social media channels you want us to mention let us know.

The Download

$25 /creation
Original, various production materials, signed by its creators.  Scripts, shot lists, shooting notes, actor and director with their notes (should there be any) and production books that may be crea...