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About Al, Jon & Jerry

A podcast for people working in the real world of IT. If you're a sysadmin, working on a helpdesk, a network engineer, a compouter tech who wants to know more about servers or even if you want to get a job in the IT field, this podcast is for you!

We are two sysadmins plus one computer tech (Al, Jon & Andy respectively) who put out a podcast about the real world of IT. We feature discussion about the tech we've been using and the work we've been doing since the last episode, plus some chitchat about general geeky stuff and sometimes a bit of news and commentary about what's going on in the wider tech world.

What we (really really) need...

Anyone who has listened to any of our episodes will probably be aware that Jerry's audio is sadly not up to par and it may sometimes make for difficult listening, which is naturally the last thing you want from your podcast. Jerry edits his own audio stream to take a lot of the extraneous noise out to give a better experience, but since the sad departure of his Macbook Pro around July 2017, has not had access to a decent microphone at all :(

So, to begin with we'd like to raise enough to get him a decent mic.

We're still researching how to best set up this Patreon, but if you'd like to donate, please feel free!


Al, Andy & Jerry
$12.87 of $150 per month
When we get to this level, Jerry should have enough to get a new mic!

He's hoping to get a Blue Yeti.

This should result in a better listening experience for you, dear listener :)
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