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Appreciate your time

Your code can change the world!
Stop spending weeks for building backend panels.
Replace your development cycle with a set of modern toolkits

Admin Architect is a powerful framework that helps developers to create Modern Administration panels. It is built on top of popular Laravel framework. 

If you're a Laravel Artisan and spending weeks by creating admin pages manually isn't your choice - you're in the right place,  Admin Architect can craft them for you!

Modern Toolkit
Reactive development with impressive set of artisan commands

Less Redundant and Efficient Code
Built with the Eloquent ORM in mind, so it won't get in the way of you using normal Eloquent features. Filters, Scopes, Relations - it's all up to you!

Easily Customised
Customise to suit the needs of your website, mobile applications or products. Take advantage of Laravel features and bring your product to life quickly.

Impressive collection of modern tools out of the box:
  • Built for the most popular framework - Laravel 5.5.
  • Provides CRUD for any registered model.
  • Discoverable filters, based on database scheme.
  • Scopes, based on Eloquent scopes.
  • Powerful forms with a lot of input types, including TtinyMCE, CKeditor, medium editor, markdown, along with other standard HTML controls: text, date, daterange, time, dropdown, etc...
  • Sortable Collections:
  • Relationships management.
  • Files/Images Support.
  • Shared + Encapsulated Eloquent Presenters:
  • Highly configurable dashboard:
  • Single actions:
  • Batch actions:
  • Exportable collections, as many as you want:
  • Extendable ACL layer, applicable globally per module and per every single record.
  • Smart auto-generated Form Validation.
  • File Manager.
  • Site settings (free plugin):
  • Very powerful Navigation Builder, based on providers (free plugin)
  • Multilingual Support (free plugin):

Check out the full documentation.
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