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Harminder Virk

creating AdonisJS

Harminder Virk

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Donate $25 to support the framework development and also appear as a backer on the Github repo https://github.com/adonisjs/adonis-framework.

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The Patreon club members gets exclusive access to the Slack group. The Slack group is less crowded and gives me the opportunity to answer your questions quickly.

If you or your team is using AdonisJS and want to get quick answers to your queries, then please consider becoming a club member.

Please note: This is not customer support, it's simply a less crowded private slack channel, where I am mostly active. I may not be available during vacations or may not be able to solve your queries right away.

Along with the quick chat, I may share interesting things not related to AdonisJS at all, but can help you overall in learning something new.




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