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About Adopt & Love

It all started in university. We had this class where we had to come up with a project. The idea was to develop an application to help animal shelters adopt. Here in Hungary we don't have a general, summarized platform for this. Every shelter has their own basic, broken webpages or they use Facebook which is not going very well. This leads to less adoptions since people have to check out every shelter personally, not knowing if there'll be any pet they like, not mentioning that these shelters are scattered all over the country, leaving a maximum of two places to check a day, slowing the process. Our application would give the chance to check out the pets in each and every one of these shelters from your smartphone making it much more easy and simple to choose a lovely pet to warm your home. This way you'll already know what will you find at the chosen shelter.

We will NOT take money from any of the shelters since our main goal is to help them and the animals!

We are raising money to hire a programmer to create the application
and to keep it going. Our plan is to upload the program by September.

We don't want to stop at Hungary. If everything goes well we will
expand to nearby countries if they wish to join our cause.

By donating you not only help us but those hard working heroes at the shelters who do all this in their spare time and on personal expenses, and the pets of course. You can help these furry balls of happiness find a home they deserve!

We will do our best to make this situation any better and in return we will send a package back to the donaters and represent their names in our hall of fame.

Thank you for reading,
Adopt & Love
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Our team will make a thank you video, where we introduce ourselves.
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