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Hi! I'm Erini and I've been blogging over at since 2008. I'm a little nerdy, a lot awesome, and completely adorkable. I blog mostly about my life and my personal journey through becoming an adult and discovering who I really am. My goal is to create content that is not only engaging, but inspires others to go out and embrace life, seek out adventures, and never stop being curious.

I also recently started hosting a cooking live stream on my twitch channel, and would love to be able to focus more on live streaming. However, it's hard to hustle and find time for these fun past times. Not to mention, in order to keep the content changing, I have to be able to get a lot of different ingredients and kitchen tools.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a crowd-funded platform design designed to support independent artists and content creators, like myself! It's like a pledge drive, but way less annoying. It's a way to give back and support the creators, most of whom are providing content to you for free.

What will these funds go towards?
Your donations would help cover ingredients and new kitchen tools to help me try out even more recipes and go on more awkward kitchen adventures with you. Also, I would be able to obtain a better webcam set up for a multi-cam stream. Lastly, in order to focus more time on building my live stream community, yes some of the money will be used for daily-living costs (ie. rent). Just being honest about where your money will be going.

This isn't a handout. This is supporting a content creator who's spend 6 years building not only a brand but a community. I'm not some internet or YouTube star. I do this because I love it, and I work hard to keep bringing great content and building stronger relations with other bloggers and streamers. My goals right now are to be super focused on my Master's degree, but also to be able to dedicate my free time towards my online communities.

As a patron, you'll be able to receive social media & blog shout outs, postcards, doodles, crafts, and features on the blog and streams. Not to mention my undying thanks and appreciation!
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Blog goal: With $15 a month I'll bring back my Pull or Pass feature, sharing new and new-to-me comics with you on my blog each month. (And likely, a couple times a year I might do a giveaway for some of these titles!)
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