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Welcome to Adpulp’s Emerging Voices Project

With new graduates in media, marketing, and advertising now entering the worst job market imaginable, I have begun to find and pay a select group of emerging voices in these critical, but troubled, industries. In order for our readers to hear new ideas from new sources, I am asking my fellow travelers in the Ad Biz to help me pay these talented new writers from $100 to $250 per feature.

Program Details: Paying writers and helping them develop their work and find an audience for it is one of the things that I care most about.

For practicing writers there is the literary market, the entertainment market, the journalism market, and the advertising market. When you work in advertising, all of the sister industries are part of the big picture. When you go to bat for a brand, you will rely on the same narrative structures that novelists use, you will write dialogue like a screenwriter, and you will tell long-form brand-sponsored stories in print and broadcast, like a journalist.

For the writers who are chosen for this new apprenticeship program, I ask that they bring their critical thinking and storytelling skills together in order to educate and/or entertain our readership of ad agency creatives, media buyers, recruiters, account service pros, client-side marketers, producers, educators, students, plus other trade journalists. Some may contribute one feature article, while others may develop into beat writers.

How Emerging Voices Benefit You: When you work in media, marketing, or advertising, you develop established ways of sourcing talent. Same with content consumption. It’s human to look in the same place over and over, and to want to repeat what has worked in the past.

Think about creative recruiting and how there is a well-established formula in place for who is an attractive hire and who is not. I won’t go into what’s good or bad about this formula at the moment. I mention it to illustrate how we pattern our behaviors and we mimic one another, personally and professionally. I contend that this is one big reason why innovators don’t flock to ad agencies or media companies. They join tech companies instead.

Adpulp’s new series of articles will address the important topics of our day, but through a new and different lens. I’ve worked in the ad business for 25 years. I believe that now is a great time to hear from new voices who will help introduce me and you to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

The Ask: Patreon is a fast-growing subscriber platform, where publications like receive recurring income to cover operating expenses and produce a steady income. In this case, I will redistribute the income to emerging writers in the early 20s who have a keen interest in Marcom and the ability to write compelling copy.

If you can give $10 or $20 or more per month, it’s going to make a big difference. If you can subscribe at a lower level it is still incredibly meaningful, because all money is real money that you are putting down on this table as a way to say, “Yes, I agree, this is important. I want to help you pay writers, and I want to hear what they have to say.”
$251 of $5,000 per month
The goal is to create a journalism fund for college students, grad students, and recent graduates in journalism, marketing, or advertising. will pay $100 to $250 per feature article for qualifying articles. This is why we are setting our goal at $5,000. We want to pay our new writers for their hard work, and you can make it possible right now by contributing what you can today.

Thank you for your generosity!
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