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-your name printed in any album released while you are a patron

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-get .wav files for new releases! These can be used in programs like Adobe Flash, CS Animator, etc.
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I don't know why you'd want 'em, but get'cher unmastered files here! Not used to doing these, so if something you want isn't available, request it! Usually I have them on some hard drive or other.




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About ADR3-N

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Hey, it's me, ADR3-N, or, well, Adrean, depending on how you know me. I'm a small-time producer based out of Mississippi, and I've been making music, movies, and art for a little over ten years on Welcome to my page!

Patrons here see music and videos first, get special downloads, previews, WIPs, and other perks such as stems and bloopers. You can set a per-project limit (even just a dollar!) and cancel patronage at any time, even after I've released a project you've pledged for.

I'll be able to render new songs and music a few times a month, including all the demos that have accumulated 'til now. I have somewhere between 20 and 40 waiting to be rendered, and if you choose, your name can be in the credits wherever they are released!

I am extremely grateful to my patrons, without whom many of my projects would be impossible. Thanks to your contributions, not only do you enable me to make a living doing what I love; you encourage me -- empower me to do more, better material, faster and more often. That's a priceless gift, and I hope to offer something in return, something we share, a dream come true.

Thank you!

$1 of $15 per project
Occasionally I luck up and make a good sounding master these days, but sometimes my ears get tired, and the result... varies.

When we reach $15, I'll be able to send tracks off to mastering services, possibly even snag a yearly plan to save time and money. That means more, better music, faster, possibly even more projects!

Depending on mastering service, I may be able to start offering patron-only FLAC files as a new reward tier!
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