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Occasional photo posting from my travels, selfies, casual, gym, work out and Spicy.🏋

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📷02 Nostalgic photoset every month! (Sent by email)🎁🎁
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📷Surprise spicy bonus photos, gifs, ASMR and videos on email.🔥👀
✅A lot of BONUS content will be sent by email every month!❤️
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About Adriana Alencar

Summary Biography:
I'm Adriana Alencar, a Brazilian cosplayer cosplayerm international model, actress, dancer and business woman.
I love Geej stuff, Cosplay, photo modeling, japanese culture, traveling, dancing, making new friends and social networks. I really appreciate all your support and love!❤
I will post my cosplay photos and artistic photosets every month on Patreon.❤ Remembering that I post photos on Patreon, but photosets and videos I always send by email, so keep your Patreon email updated to receive my content!

Full Biography:
Official Adriana Alencar™️🦸♀

International Model & Traveler Lover✈ -I love traveling the world sharing my experiences and doing photographic modeling work! I share about it on my Instagram and all my social networks to 2M+people!😍

Fitness Model💪 -I love healthy eating and working out! 1 million people follow me on Instagram!😍 ->

Cosplayer Model🦸♀ -I make photos costumed as characters from animes & games that I love so much! This is my favorite hobby!🥰

Gamer Streamer🎮 -I do game lives on Twitch! I'm the best PRO gamer😎(I swear I am!😂)

Dancer💃 -I'm a dance teacher! I'm a specialist in more than 10 different dances!

❤️Here on PATREON you will find my most SPECIAL & EXCLUSIVE content❤️

Patreon is a subscription-based platform where you can pledge a certain amount in order to get exclusive rewards! I want this page to be a mutually beneficial platform for me and everyone who decides to sign up! So I’m always paying attention to your suggestions and new ideas. Every bit helps me on continuing to pursue my dreams and to dedicate myself 100% to what I do today, so I’m forever thankful from the bottom of my heart! ❤
Here you can support me and get many exclusive rewards in return! That I will always be doing thinking about each one of you that supports me ❤❤❤❤ I can show how glad I am for the support of each one of you. I will improve it getting more and more ways to say thanks for you all that like my cosplays and believe that I can do better, so thanks for all!

All rewards are listed in a column on the right of the page, but in short, even $1 grants you access to some exclusive content that I won’t be sharing everywhere else! Patreon ALWAYS gets priority on releasing dates and number of pictures as well, which means I will be sharing full high quality photoshoots ONLY here and before I release to any other platforms. Here you can also find very exclusive content 🔥.
I’m trying my best to make every single tier worth your time and money! ❤

📎How does the payment work?
Payment is made immediately after your commitment; Therefore commit only if you really want to stay that month. Please pay attention, charges are made on the 1st of each new month.

📎When are you sending the rewards?
I send rewards every week to your email registered on Patreon. So keep your Patreon email updated to receive my content!
If you have become a member of my Patreon between the 1st and the 31st of the month and have not received the special contents of the current month, for example the thematic monthly cosplay photoset or special artistic photosets or vips videos, send me a message in the chat saying that I I will send in your email!❤

📎How many pictures can I find on each set?
It depends on the set and your level here on the patreon. The higher your level in the patreon, the more photos you receive, but they can usually contain 15 to 30 photos.
However some photosets (For example the older photosets), can have only 10 photos, as well as some photosets I am very excited and can contain more than 40 photos!

📎About the special videos ...
I make a lot of videos during the month, they are usually sent to Patrons of higher tier (Sometimes I send videos to all Patrons $ 5 +), they are always sent to your email registered in the patreon.
Theme of the videos? Some are for artistic cosplay, other videos you will know only when you receive them! Surprise!🔥

📎Can I have access to past photosets?
I always bring back at least 3 old sets per month here on Patreon and there are some tiers where you can request additional ones without any extra charge! But if you don't wanna wait, I made available some of my past photoshoots in Gumroad website! Have fun!

📎What's the difference between Instagram photos and Patreon's?
The big difference between the two is that here in the patreon the quantity and quality is superior. Here you have access to all the content of the essays with a much better quality and with exclusive bonuses, with more sensual photos that would never be posted on any social network, like instagram.
90% of the videos and photos sent to your email, you will not find on any of my social networks.

📎How does a refund works?
If you pledged, got to see my exclusive content, and then want your refund for some reason, it won't be possible.

📎Can I upgrade my pledge within the month?
Yes, you can! If you upgrade from a specific Tier to another, you will be charged the difference between the values.

📎Do I need to know something before I delete my pledge?
Don’t worry, even if you delete your pledge within the month, all rewards will be delivered accordingly to your tier!

My content may contain artistic nudity so it's ONLY FOR 18+


❗❗❗I'm the legal owner of the copyrights and content posted here. Sharing and reselling my work is prohibited and a crime. I don't allow any share, reuploading or reposting any of my content in other public website for others to download. These files are for PERSONAL use only. By pledging on Patreon, you agreed with the terms and conditions.❗❗❗

By signing my Patreon, you agreed to the terms and conditions, committing yourself to ensuring that you have read my rules and FAQ and are aware of all the rules.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send the PM! I'm here to help <3

After all, but more important than all and with all my love, thank you for everything!😍❤️


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 184 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 184 exclusive posts

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