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Personal updates, teasers, random reports from my very exciting life. Plus, whenever I publish a novel, a few words about that story. My eternal gratitude!

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You're sponsoring my time for writing a special short story each month. In turn, you get exclusive access to it, for at least six months ahead of everyone else. Plus previous tier rewards.

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Behind-the-scenes stuff; more in-depth ranting about what it’s like to be a writer, and more running commentary on that thing I do. You could call it “non-fiction”. Plus everything mention previously.



About Adrienne Lecter

Patreon story schedule:
August: The Prequel
- How Bree Met Nate (pre-GF#1: Incubation) - alternating POVs Bree & Nate

March: Hope
- Nate's point of view of a part in the second half of GF#10: Uprising. Contains spoilers! - Nate's POV
April: Talk in the Dark
- A conversation that happens during the first night just after GF#10: Uprising. Contains spoilers! - Nate's POV
May: Life
- Life happens - a few snippets set after GF#9: Exodus. Nate's POV
June: The Ballad of Sadie & Bates pt.1
- We all know how it ended. This is how it began. Bates and Sadie's POVs alternating
July: The Ballad of Sadie & Bates pt.2
- Some leave while others stay behind. Bates & Sadie's POVs alternating
August: The Ballad of Sadie & Bates pt.3
- Sometimes even the brave have to walk alone. Sadie's POV
September: Surprise
- Nate's POV of a few things that happened during GF#1: Incubation
October: Run!
- When the world is about to end, all you can do is run! Nate's POV from the end of GF#1: Incubation and beginning of GF#2: Outbreak
November: Hero
- “Don’t be a hero. You know that heroes get killed.” But does she listen? This woman will be the death of me. - Nate's POV, later half of GF#2: Outbreak
December: Dispatch
- Time for some R&R - Nate's POV, middle of GF#4: Extinction

January: Sacrifice
- He was doing so well... Nate's POV of parts of GF#11: Retribution & GF#12: Annihilation
February: Wild
- Sometimes, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Nate's POV post GF#12: Annihilation
March - July: Red's Diarypt1pt2pt3pt4pt5
- The collected thoughts of a certain young LT. Richards's POV GF#1 to #12
August: Oh Brother Mine
- Some very interesting conversations that happened a long time ago. Nate's POV, several years pre-GF.
September - January 2021: One Grand Post-Apocalyptic Road Trippt1pt2pt3pt4pt5
A new generation. A new story. One great adventure!

February: Hunt
- A very special father-daughter bonding moment... Post-GF#12, contains light spoilers. Nate's POV
March: What Happens In Prague, Stays in Prague
- The last mission before the mission that would change their lives forever. Pia Zilinsky has some thoughts about that.
April - : New Angeles: pt1
- What is now one of the great cities of the new world was once only the dream of a man who had barely started to find himself...

The following stories are now available as anthology bundles from Amazon:
Beyond Green Fields #1 - Beginnings

September 2018: Cody
- 2 weeks after reaching the bunker in Wyoming, the gang takes a closer look at what loot might be gathered in the town of Cody (after GF#2: Outbreak) - Bree's POV
October 2018: Training Day
- learning to be a badass is tiring business (after GF#2: Outbreak) - Bree's POV
February 2019: An End And A Beginning
- Nate returns home for his brother's funeral--and makes some important decisions. (pre-GF#1: Incubation) - Nate's POV

Beyond Green Fields #2 - Regrets
November: Aftermath
- the aftermath of what happened at the factory (end of GF#4: Extinction / beginning of GF#5: Resurgence) - Nate's POV
December: Gone
- what the gang got up to after Bree got kidnapped (GF#5: Resurgence) - Nate's POV
January: Done
- some of Nate's deepest regrets (end of GF#7: Affliction / beginning of GF#8: Catharsis) - Nate's POV

Welcome to my Patreon page!
I’m Adrienne, and I’m an Indie writer (that’s independently published, and happily so, for those who are wondering), hacking this publishing thing full-time. I love writing, and don’t ever intend to stop. Connecting with people through my stories is the best thing in the world for me!

And this is where Patreon comes in. Here’s the  link to a video that explains in more detail what Patreon is—but in a few words, it’s a crowd-funding platform where you, the crowd, can help fund us, the artists, to help support us so we can do what we love to do: create art. Content. Books. Stories. Blog posts. You name it.
I’ve joined Patreon because I want to keep building the great community that has already gathered around my books, and to have a very special place to keep sharing the weird things that keep me up at night. I’m planning on doing this on a monthly basis, and depending on the level (tier/pledge) of support you choose, you’ll get access to:

-$1 a month: personal updates, teasers, random reports from my very exciting life (if you haven’t guessed it yet, writing is a most glamorous affair where you shut yourself in a room with a laptop and live on coffee and the tears of your readers). Plus, whenever I publish a novel, a few words about how that story came to life.
- $3 a month: a very special short story every month that is exclusive to Patreon for at least six months, or maybe forever, depending on the story. Plus previous tier rewards.
- $5 a month: behind-the-scenes stuff like details about this month’s short story and what easter eggs you might have missed; more in-depth ranting about what it’s like to be a writer (ever wondered exactly how a novel gets conceived?) and more running commentary on that thing I do. You could call it “non-fiction”. Plus everything mentioned previously.
- Maybe more tiers to come in the future, let me know if you can think of something!

Once you sign up, you will get access to everything posted at the level you chose, so when you join a few months down the line, that’s a library of short stories and behind-the-scenes stuff waiting for you! You can cancel at any time you like.
Please never feel like you have to support me. You’re a super fan if you love my books, that’s not dependent on how much you spend on my creative exploits every month. I’m deeply grateful for your support, and every dollar helps keep this crazy journey going!

Why do this on a monthly basis?
I want you to know you’re supporting me, not buying a short story. There will always be something new for you—sometimes it may be longer, sometimes only a few vignettes, depending on how crazy life is at the moment.

Won’t this take away time from writing your books?
Well, yeah, sure, to a certain extent, but being an Indie writer isn’t writing 99% of the time, nor writing the next book 99% of the time. Sometimes, I need a break, or I’m not somewhere I can fully concentrate on hashing out the intricacies of wrangling a million plot bunnies and hooks. Also, after writing in the same world for four years now, I have a lot of things to share that never made it into the books, and Patreon is an amazing platform for this.
But writing takes time, and having the stories edited and slapping on a cover costs money, so I can’t do this for free entirely. That’s where you come in!
Plus, let me tell you a secret: writing more often leads to writing still more as creativity isn’t a linear thing, or like cutting slices from a cake. It’s more like hauling water from a stream.

So, those “short stories” are, like, chapters that didn’t make it into one of the books? Why would I want to read that?
Nope, they are stories written, independently of the books, set in the same world, with the character you love (and love to hate). Like the prequel of how Bree and Nate met. Or a whole bunch of things that happened set between the books (like their first winter at the bunker) that never fit into any of the books because they happened out of the set time frame. Or alternate points of view. It’s okay if you don’t like that stuff, but many people do. I sure love writing it.

Do I need to read the short stories to understand everything that happens in the books?
No, of course not! As far as I’m concerned, the stories are canon as well, but the books are the meat and bones of the world I’ve created. The stories are the chocolate drizzled on your ice cream. Or bacon, if you prefer that. Hmm, bacon-drizzle ice cream!

It’s all set in the Green Fields universe?
For now, and likely the foreseeable future, but eventually, I will write other stuff, too, and I will shamelessly use Patreon to introduce you to those worlds as well.

How can I read the stories? How do I get them on my kindle / phone / tablet?
I’m using BookFunnel to distribute them. You can either have them emailed to you and download them, or (with a brief one-time set-up) get them emailed directly to your kindle. So yes, you get to keep them, even after you cancel your pledge. They’re yours!
If for whatever reason that doesn’t work out, I’m also happy to email them to you.

Thank you so much for your support! I can’t stress that enough! So let’s do this!
59% complete
To celebrate this huge milestone, I'll start posting a round of character interviews, available to all Patreon supporters!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts

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