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  • Thanks for joining me on my Patreon journey! At this level, you’ll have access to my Patron-only stream, where I’ll be engaging in dialogue on what’s to come as far as covers, conventions, and more – as well as asking for your input and opinions on my music and my content! Rest assured that I’ll be able to read and respond to everything you post here.
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  • Get involved in my creative process! At this level, you’ll get to hear exclusive previews of the music I’m working on so you can weigh in on them, as well as get to vote on polls to help me decide what I should sing next when I have multiple songs in mind. 
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  • Come hang out with me! Supporters at this level and above will get to participate in an online private monthly group chat on Discord where we can all chat in a voice channel and I and answer all of your questions! (Sometimes we even play games online!) Let’s talk music and everything else!
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My name is Adriana Figueroa, and I’m a vocalist and songwriter otherwise known as “adrisaurus” on YouTube. I am passionate about expressing my love for video games and animation through my voice, and YouTube is the platform I do that on! On my channel, you’ll find a melting pot of a wide variety of music, including vocal covers of video game songs that I’ve added lyrics to, English adaptations of anime themes, original compositions, and more! 

Patreon is a platform that lets you support your favorite content creators easily! It is similar in concept to Kickstarter in the sense that you’re pledging a certain amount of money in return for content and rewards, but unlike Kickstarter, you're supporting smaller projects by pledging support on a work by work basis, or “per song uploaded”, in my case.

You can set a monthly cap for your contributions, so you’ll never go over the amount you set regardless of how many videos I upload! (Your Patreon contributions will only go towards songs I upload on my channel – you will never be charged for vlogs or update videos!)

With Patreon, it is easy to adjust the amount you are pledging at any time, and you are never locked into anything – you are in total control of your contributions and can adjust or cancel your pledges at any time!

Patreon is a perfect fit for the type of content that I produce because it’s a great way for those who wish to invest in the quality of my work to have a direct role in my process and to get some fun thank-you rewards in return!

The main reason I am setting up this support platform is because I want to drastically improve the quality of the content I put out for you guys – every penny you give through Patreon will go directly back into the music and the videos you are getting.

With your support, I’ll be able to put out music faster and work toward:

  • Hiring professional instrumentalists and audio engineers to help bring my musical ideas to life to the best of their potential
  • Creating a better home recording environment by upgrading both my audio AND video equipment/software drastically
  • Hiring videographers so that I can start filming and producing high-quality music videos for my channel
  • Covering the production costs of my first full-length original studio album in Nashville, TN
  • Much, much more – the sky’s the limit!

Creating music is my passion and it’s what I want to do full-time, so I want nothing more than to be able to put out songs that are the best quality that they can be, as well as explore new possibilities such as music video production, professional collaborations, live shows, and more.

Above all else, I am simply happy that there are people interested in my work and my stories at all, so my content will always remain free to listen to on YouTube, and you will always have my love and gratitude regardless of whether you become a patron or not!

However, if you would like to contribute because you believe in my work, I am committed to making the most of it so that we can make my music the best that it can be together. I’m excited to see how much we can accomplish hand-in-hand! Thank you for your support!

$439 of $500 per song
One of the things that I'm most excited about being able to do with the help of your contributions is hiring professional instrumentalists and audio engineers! I have a lot of ideas for covers and original music that require skills beyond my talents to bring to life, but with this amount going back into my budget with every video I post, I'll be able to frequently hire people who can make my visions a reality for you.
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