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For those that donate $5.00 or more a month. You will be featured in a special shoutout video done at the end of that month from yours truely.
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There are days throughout the year where there aren't new releases. During these days the supporters who have tipped $15.00 or more will be able to choose from any of their favorite games (as long as they are playable on a modern console) and put them up for vote. Those who selected the winning game for that playthrough will be given a special shout out at the beginning of the playthrough.
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In addition to all of the previous perks, those who donate $20.00 or more will be able to have more fun at my expense. During certain playthroughs It will be announced that i will be wearing a costume. HOWEVER, you get to decide what costume I will be able to wear during those special playthroughs. It can be anything your crazy mind can think of. So have at it.




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About ADSplay101

I have been playing video games my whole life and being in the position I am in, there are very few avenues for me to pursue a career is playing video games for a living. Since 2014 I have been taking steps in promoting and getting my channel more exposure in order to achieve those dreams for myself and my Esports Team. This page is setup to help achieve long-term support while giving entertaining rewards that give the you say-so as to how I go about playing games.
$0 of $3,000 per month
The goal's are based on 3 things. 
  1) New (and MUCH) hardware to run programs for video editing & livestreaming to improve the quality of visuals. Including a new gaming laptop & digital camera for vlogs.
  2) Long-term support for the WorldWarriorsCollectiv E-Sports team to help with travel expenses for tournaments & promotion.
  3) Most importantly, to give supporters the ability to have a hand in the success of not only the channel & the E-Sports team but to also get more entertainment value out of it. 
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