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Welcome to A Dude and a Brit. "We say smart shit...and dumb shit...but mostly smart shit." We are Freddie Jergons and TJ, and we are completely new to the podcasting world so be patient.

Freddie (Dude)- I'm a teacher, in a D.C. area high school, and am not trying to lose my fucking job, so we will stay anonymous for now. I'm an atheist, a secular activist, and I love classic movies, Nordic crime novels, Belgium beer and craft beer. I'm fascinated with psychology and neuroscience. I really want to know WHY people think what they think, and more importantly, why THEY think they think what they think (hope that makes sense!). So, needless to say, I've recently gotten into Street Epistemology and the rampant use of logical fallacies. 

TJ- D.C. based educator. Originally from the U.K. and now living the American Dream (sic). Has a passion for math, movies, and fine whiskey!

TJ and I taught mathematics together for 2 years in an urban school district. He's the Brit. I'm the Dude.

I've been listening to podcasts for 3 years...The Scathing Atheists, Cognitive Dissonance, Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Atheism 101, Waiting 4 Wrath, Cellar Door Skeptics, The Thinking Atheist to name a few. I was scared as shit to start my own. I have a speech impediment and a lisp. It sucks when you lisp the letters S and L, and your fucking last name contains the letters S and L. By the way if you don't like profanity...fuck off. I love to curse. And saying fuck, shit, goddamn, tits and motherfucker is easier and more fun. My new psychologist just finished my psychoeducational evaluation. Can't wait to get the results. I'm been diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety, depression, OCD, and ADHD, but no doctor actually said, “Dude let's have you evaluated.” I told my former psychiatrist that I had trouble focusing at school. Fucking bam...30 secs later I'm leaving with a script for fucking Adderall. By the way, I tend to digress and can't stay with a conversation for shit.

So back to the WHY section of this introduction. I finally said,”Fuck it,” and asked my friend TJ if he wanted to start a podcast.

Into my 40s I've finally decided to face my fears, challenge myself, and take on tasks that have previously scared the shit out of me.

I see and read shit everyday that sends me into a rage. As an educator, trying to correct this misinformation is very important to me.

Side note- please always call us out when we are incorrect. Check your facts before you do so, though. Bring facts, not your emotions or opinions. 

Disclaimer- we are both atheists, but this will not be an atheist podcast. Of course, we will have fun at the expense of the delusional and silly-hat-wearing kiddie fuckers, but we wanted to branch out a bit and bring to the show more of ourselves. We are both passionate about beer, education, history, mathematics, social issues, movies, and I love some random ass fucking stories.

Here are a few weekly segments- Dude’s weekly ASS Burner- this is devoted to a person, each week, who just burns my ass and brings me to full rampage mode. The first ASS Burner? A colleague of mine who sponsors the student organization Fellowship of Christian Athletes. More on this shithead on the pilot show. Another segment- TJ’s British Word of the Week- have you tried to read A Clockwork Orange? Fucking impossible to understand.

We’ll also play a game called Match that Crazy Belief- TJ will match a crazy religious belief or practice with its religion. And each week we’ll discuss a couple news stories, examine a common logical fallacy, learn about a Forgotten Freethinker in History and TJ will enlighten us with What the Fuck is Wrong with the US?

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$20 a month would help us cover the costs to produce the show, and TJ needs his own mic!
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