is creating a podcast about ADHD and hormones.

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About Sarah

This Season On The Adulting With ADHD Podcast (subscribe here)

It was a slap in the face getting diagnosed with ADHD in my mid-30s.
It was a sucker punch to learn - from Google - how hormones relate to ADHD at nearly 40.

During COVID lockdown, I became acutely aware of our hormones' relationship with ADHD after my body went off the rails. Was it stress? Was it perimenopause? One thing I know for sure is: we aren't talking enough about ADHD and hormones. 

Since my epiphany/hormonal crisis, I have refocused my podcast on ADHD and hormones. I'm interviewing patients, I'm interviewing experts. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends in an intricate web of index cards and yarn thumb-tacked to my office walls.

Why Support The Podcast?
Your support helps amplify my efforts so that hormones and ADHD is no longer a fringe topic among our community but an absolute staple. I have a tons of ideas on getting this information out there, and the more support I get the farther it can travel. After hormones are covered, I'm looking at other fringe topics - trauma? food? So much to explore ... 

From production help to software fees, there are basic expenses that patrons can help cover. If I got enough help, I could even do this as a full-time job someday. Imagine the possibilities if there was somebody out there who's full-time job was to get the word out about this stuff?

If that's not reason enough to become a patron, you also can access my podcast archives (pre-hormonal talk), with 50+ episodes including:

- Solo episodes on ADHD basics
- "Master class"-type interviews on affirmations, mindfulness and more.
- A series I affectionately refer to as The COVID Tapes, in which I interview fellow members of ADHD Twitter during lockdown.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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