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Thank you for donating in this category! All of the perks from the Generous Pals tier apply to this tier. You will also receive a shout out on our Advanced Literate twitter one time! On top of that we will let you know in advance who we are planning to have on our shows! 


  • One time shout out on video and newsletter!
  • Shout out on website!
  • Alerts for youtube and twitch videos!
  • Thank you message!
  • Twitter shout outs monthy!
  • Pre-release show guest updates!
Wonderful Pals
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Thank you so much for choosing this tier to support us with! It means a lot! This tier involves the prior tiers as well as some ways to get involved! You will have the opportunity to join us on either a youtube video or a twitch stream as a guest one time! We will also give you the option of being interviewed for ten minutes on our youtube channel in a video to promote yourself! 


  • Everything from prior tiers!
  • 10 minute promotional interview video on youtube!
  • Guest on our upcoming podcast!
  • Writing one question (and shout out) for each youtube interview we do!
Critique Pals
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You are amazing! By donating to this category you are helping us make our dreams come true, so we should do the same for you! You get everything from every prior tier. Every month we will critique your query letter, artwork and first ten pages of your manuscript! We will also critique the website you use to promote your creativity!


  • Everything from prior tiers!
  • Query letter, artwork and first ten pages critique monthly!
  • Critique of your creatives website!




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Storytelling celebration. Books. Writing. Games about books. Books about games. Self-expression and wholesome content. Geekery. Cosplay. Narrative everything. Poetry. Aspiring authors. Aspiring artist. Indie musicians. Comic book creators. Game developers.

We have an interest in promoting creators who would otherwise never get the attention they deserve. Authors who write books and can't get an agent for a mainstream publication, that need help promoting their self or indie published books. Artists who have yet to score that major gallery showcase, or even promoting their own Patreon for commission work. Poets who just want a platform to share their skillfully woven words beyond the local open mic. Comic book creators who want to challenge the big companies with stories they truly believe in. Game developers who want to do something different, something more memorable than the big studios. Musicians who make music for the love of it and don't need a big label.

Those are our people. People who are literate in their field and trying to make it.

Any donation to our Patreon goes towards keeping our youtube & twitch channels, our blog, our instagram and tumblr and any other medium we use to promote creators going. Trying to make a promotion/media organization is hard, mostly because it's hard to attract capital investors without a proven audience and there are so many others trying to do the same thing. If you believe in what we believe and want to see aspiring creators get the time of day please support us. We have so many big ideas we want to see through, but we need your help to grow organically. 

To all of you who have read this, thank you very much! We look forward to being friends with you!

To get involved with us, for an interview, a show or to support, please visit!

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