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Our AdventistUniversity.com project reaches thousands of young people around the world.  In a short time we have seen the impact we can make in the community, God has blessed my ministry to the point that we can no longer self fund its growth. Your support will help us reach many more people with our mission.  

It is our mission to showcase Adventist educational institutions around the world, let their light shine before others, that people may see what our institutions are doing, explore educational opportunities, and glorify God. We want to inspire more people to take the life changing opportunity of traveling and studying in one of our Adventist Universities or Colleges from around the world.

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 What we do 

The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates a large and well-structured educational system that covers a great amount of career paths with a diversity of price tags and opportunities for education around the world, while at the same time offering a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education aimed at transforming lives for eternity.

Nevertheless, regardless of the important contribution of the Seventh-day Adventist church towards higher education, this impressive educational network, the diversity of its offerings and its strengths are largely unknown to every church member or the public, hence it is often not the first choice for those seeking higher education. Therefore, there are many individuals who lose the financial, mental and spiritual benefits of receiving an education of high standards and Christian values.

At “AdventistUniversities.com” believe that Adventist education makes a difference in the live of people, the opportunities within its network uniquely prepare people for service and eternal rewards. The project has been designed to gather details about every adventist institution of higher education to promote adventist universities and colleges for the benefit of the Adventist community and society in general.

 What is a Patreon? 

We chose this platform (Patreon) to build a community of individuals eager to helping others in their quest for academic success. This platform (Patreon.com) serves as our subscription and community hub. By choosing your subscription amount you will receive special access and gifts from us and our sponsors every month. This monthly subscription will help us have a financial base to continue growing and to reach many more people.  

 Your support 

What do we do with you money? Every dollar that you contribute goes directly to making our online community stronger and bigger. 

Some of our mayor expenses include software licenses, web servers and services, content licences such as images, videos, designs or editorials, and a small part for advertisement. All our work rendered on a voluntary basis.

Please check our Goals, notice that when we reach our first monthly contribution of 100 USD we will start the development of our Spanish site. Again thank you for considering supporting our mission.

God bless

AdventistUniversities.com is an independent, self-supported service. It is not part of The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland or any of its subsidiaries.
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