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Seree Automaton
$1 or more per adventure

Arise, toil, rejoice! Because of your service, there are free adventures for everyone! I'll send a personal thank-you.

  • Free adventures!
  • CC-BY-NC maps and illustrations!
Vicious Imp
$2 or more per adventure

Not content with toil alone, you peer ahead and get a bit of influence from time to time!

  • Free adventures
  • CC-BY-NC maps and illustrations
  • Occasional work-in-progress sketches!
  • Occasional polls to choose the next adventure!
Nuss Envoy
$3 or more per adventure

What do the Nuss want? Their minds are alien, but their actions speak: everything.

  • Free adventures
  • CC-BY-NC maps and illustrations
  • Work-in-progress sketches
  • Polls to choose upcoming adventures
  • Shout-out as a thanks on Twitter!
Writhing Beast
$5 or more per adventure

By the strange magic of its blood, the beast does what others will not.

  • Free adventures
  • Maps and art
  • WIP sketches
  • Polls
  • Shout-out as a thanks on Twitter
  • Special thanks in the compilation!