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About Aubrie Haze and Liara Roux

Hi! We're Aubrie Haze and Liara Roux!

Comic artist and professional sexy person, respectively.
Together, we're writing a comic called
Adventures of Liara Roux!

We just launched this project, the website and this patreon, so bear with us a little bit as we bring it all together! Thanks for checking it out!!

Our comic is based on the real life adventures of Liara Roux (like the first short story - Journey To Nara) along with fantastical elements we're excited to explore. In addition to being an international sex worker, Liara Roux has been writing for a long time and posting sexy content on the internet as Liara for the last three years. Aubrie (a new pen name!) has been involved in comics for over a decade. We've been working together to find a new style to express our unique collaboration.

We want our comics to be sexy, magical, and representative of a world filled with unique moments. For example - Liara's got a lot of pretty erotically charged pals, but we wanted them to all choose how they'd like to be represented. That means some fairly unique situations! And we're excited to show them off.

So don't be surprised if you get a little slice of life, some cute moments, and an intergalactic orgy. It's hard for us to predict where this will end up!

For now, we want to make a site where anyone can read a comic for free and enjoy it, but special supporters can log in and see the uncensored version.

The site is at

So we're going to start putting up content now, and if you feel like being a part of it, join in! We hope you like it!
26% complete
For our first goal, we'll be aiming to have at least one page a week and to have the website integration for uncensoring the content by logging in as a patron!
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