Derik Diaz is creating Webcomics

$1 /mo
Fuzzy Feelings: For your contribution you'll get my undying respect and adoration! Plus you'll get the warm fuzzies for supporting your favorite webcomic.

$5 /mo
Your Name Here: Your name will be added to the thank you section on the webcomic site.

$10 /mo
Backstage Pass: You'll get all the above plus, special behind the scenes content on my process and production of the comic e-mailed directly to you on a monthly basis! (e-mail address required)

$15 /mo
Digitize Me: All of the above plus a PDF download of each chapter as they're completed. (e-mail address required)

$20 /mo
Special Delivery: An exclusive newsletter and mystery 8.5"x11" print mailed to you each month.(physical address required)

$50 /mo
I Want It Now: All of the above plus, see completed pages as soon as I finish them. No more waiting for #toadtuesday to come around! (pages will be delivered digitally via a shared dropbox folder)

$100 /mo
That's Sketchy: All of the above plus an original hand drawn character sketch (8.5"x11") mailed to you each month. A different character from the series will be featured each time....