Nora is creating adventure motorcycle rides around the world

Adblock Forgiveness

$1 /creation
I know, I use it too, but this is the only way I can generate some income from these video's on YouTube. So by pledging for this reward, I forgive you for using an Adblocker on my video's.


Your name in the credits

$5 /creation
At the end of the video I will say thank you to all Patreons supporting the episode.

Questions for a Q&A video

$10 /creation
Send in your questions for a monthly Q&A video and I will answer them in a Patreons exclusive video.

A post card from every country I visit

$25 /creation
Nothing more awesome then to receive an oldschool postcard on your doorstep to remind you that this is not virtual reality, but actually happening. Minimal amount video's to support is 1. Expect a ...

Decide on a vlog topic

$50 /creation
With this reward, you get to decide what I shall vlog about. I will upload a video within 4 weeks with your topic.